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GuitarGrip Guitar Hanger Review

The Grip Studios Grip Reaper Skeleton Custom Guitar Hanger is built from the finest materials and is for electric guitars only. It’s strong and durable and will support many times the weight of any guitar or bass.

This hanger is machined and balanced so your instrument fits securely. The grip is equipped with a rubber cushion so the neck and headstock of your guitar or bass is well protected, and it won’t harm nitrocellulose finishes.

The Grip Reaper Skeleton Custom Guitar Hanger is easy to install. It securely holds your guitar or
bass with its sturdy mounting screw. Installed in a wall stud you can have the confidence that your Axe is in good hands! Comes with easy to follow installation instructions. Your axe will be displayed in minutes.

This concept started as a unique way of displaying their own guitars. Because of growing interest they expanded to form Grip Studios, a full production model-making studio dedicated to one-of-a kind, original guitar hangers. Handcrafted to securely hang your electric guitar.

Whether you’re a guitarist or a vintage guitar collector or know someone who is, this is a great way to display your Axe, or give the perfect gift. […]

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Mighty Moe Strap Amp: Ampstrap On The Go

The Mighty Moe AmpStrap offers you one of the hottest ideas in practice amps: a guitar amp, strap, and cable combined – one of the most compact and portable guitar practice amps available.

Moe’s Mighty Mission:

With the ability to practice, play, rehearse and compose anytime and anywhere, Mighty Moe will let you flex your chops or work out a riff on the spot. Mighty Moe is a light, small package with a mighty punch for musicians of all levels to use and enjoy.

Mighty Moe – Strap on the Fun!

At 11oz. the Mighty Moe is a comfortable and lightweight guitar practice amp with controls that are easy to get to. For private practice, plug in your headphone and the speaker is muted.

Fun, Compact, Quick Set Up

Easily fits in any bag for easy storage and travel. Sets up in seconds. […]

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Bass Guitars

Best Bass Guitar Strings?

Players are tired of bass strings made poorly; either with a bad finish, or out of obviously poor material. So, about four years ago, a number of heavyweights from the music biz, the metal (as in materials, not the music) biz and even a guy who has a lot to do with nuclear submarines got together. They discussed material properties, winding pressure, the spacing of said windings (these guys measure winding space by the mm, nice and tight, so the crap from your hands won’t find it’s way through the windings to the core, thereby affecting the tone), studied the best and worst qualities of strings from Tomastic, Pearse, Markley (both frozen and thawed) and Pyramid. […]

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Tech Ed

Balls Vs. Bullets – Fender Guitar Strings

Fender Bullets are the only strings in the world designed specifically for Strats and guitars with similar type tremolos. And, the only place you can get them is from Fender. That’s right, the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars and amplifiers was recently granted a US patent for their unique bullet-end guitar strings. […]

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ZZYZX SnapJack Cable

In today’s guitar world, with so many instrument cables on the market, it is hard to justify another offering unless it’s something extraordinary. The SnapJack, a cable that detaches in the event of excessive stress, certainly falls into the “extraordinary” category. […]