Jackson Mark Morton Signature Dominion Guitar

Jackson Mark Morton Signature Dominion Guitar

LAMB OF GOD’S, Mark Morton, is known as the riff monster of guitar players, so it just makes sense why Jackson Guitars decided to unite with Mark Morton and design a signature model.

If you don’t know much about the guitarist of LAMB OF GOD, let’s just say Morton’s fire-breathing rhythms and rapid-fire riffing skillfully incorporates a great unconventional style. The style fuels the band’s hardcore harmonious technique. Many people do not realize Morton is also a player of blues, jazz, fusion and country styles when not on stage or touring the road.

When Morton teamed with Jackson Guitars, his first focus was for versatility to be added to the design. The outcome has helped Lamb of God’s guitarist produce a heavy metal style, while still delivering Morton’s versatile requirements for off-stage playing. The result delivers back to Morton’s fans, to not only emulate the Lamb of God’s style, but also create a signature style.

Morton took the guitar on tour with him to test it prior to its release. The guitar’s high performance ratio aligned directly with what Morton was looking for and what fans demanded along with comfort, tone and quality.

With a mahogany body and black quilted maple top, the spirit of Morton’ s playing is encapsulated in this guitar, in addition to the equipped components, such as Seymour Duncan ’59 dual humbuckers with coil tap switches. Jackson created a nice chunky, vintage feel with its 24 ¾-inch scale mahogany neck, neck-through-mahogany body for added resonance and sustain, and Pultruded graphite rods through the neck, 22 jumbo frets on its precisely accurate ebony fretboard. The Schaller adjustable bridge has an anchored tailpiece to add indefinite character to the Morton’s signature shred machine.


The End Line

Metal-playing aside, the Jackson Dominion Mark Morton signature guitar is an incredible instrument. It’s acoustically powerful, extremely versatile and sounds solid through a Mesa Rectifier stack as well as through a Fender blackface combo.

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