vintage mashall jcm800

History of Marshall JCM800 Guitar Amplifiers

Marshall Amplification is a British company which is renowned for manufacturing some of the best and most versatile guitar amplification units out there. The sought after “crunch sound” which only Marshall Equipments have to offer […]

Guitar Amplifier Reviews

Egnater Rebel-30 Guitar Amplifier Review

The paradigm for guitar amps has shifted radically in the past several years. Today, players are looking for amp solutions that provide tonal flexibility with good tone at manageable volume levels. For playing at home […]

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Krank REV JR Pro Review

The guitar amp industry is not one with a lot of competition. While there are lots of people that make amps, you’re basically going to find that what most people buy are from names like […]

Beer Can Guitar Amplifier

Beer Can Guitar Amp

The first step in building your very own beer can amplifier will be to get an empty can of the beer of your choice. After you have your empty can you will need to remove […]