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Bass Guitars

You wanna take up bass guitar?

So… you wanna take up bass guitar? Lotsa people have lotsa reasons for wanting to learn how to play the bass. Now to clarify things and for the purpose of this multi-part discussion, we’ll be talkin’ bass guitar (though I’ve always wanted to give the upright a try and I LOVE, I mean REALLY LOVE Nikki Perrot. Check her out, so will you if you have a pulse!). […]

Rudiment Round-Up - Drum Lessons [Detailed Drum Lessons] 1

Rudiment Round-Up – Drum Lessons [Detailed Drum Lessons]

Rudiments are not the cherub like monsters that you battle in some online video game, nor are they some tasty chocolate covered raisin snack found in the seats at the movie theatre! Rudiments are the building blocks of drumming, the atoms of groove, the broken-down bits of the beat and they are good! Rudiments are the sounds and rhythms that make up our drumming vocabulary. […]

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Fight Club: Chops vs. Heart – The Age-Old Question

When it comes to guitar playing, there seem to be two main camps that most of us fall into: those that value chops and technically-based music and those who prefer more simple, earthier, played-from-the-heart styles. There always seems to be some friction between the two, with the chops guys looking at the feel fellows as the musical equal of a knuckle-dragging caveman and the feel folks viewing the sweep pickers as soulless, over-practicing robots. […]

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Learning to Play Guitar from Home Just Got a Lot Easier

Learning guitar at home, on the go or pretty much any where you have access to a laptop with a dvd drive just got a lot easier. Legacy Learn systems guitar lesson dvd programs, Learn & Master guitar has come out with a new expanded edition containing 20 dvds (that’s 10 more then the fist edition) as well as home school editions. […]