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Jimmy Page Amp Sells on eBay for $30K

Turns out just one Led Zeppelin fan had the means — or perhaps the inclination — to buy one of the coolest pieces of Led Zep-associated memorabilia to surface in some time. According to Gibson.com, […]

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Danelectro 56-U2 Electric Guitar

When Nat Daniel made the first Danelectro back in the mid Fifties, could he have hand any clue that his trashy, low-end electric guitar would sound electric guitar would sound so great and play so […]

Tommy Bolin 1951 - 1976 R.I.P
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Tommy Bolin 1951 – 1976 R.I.P

Tommy Bolin may be remembered as the guitarist who replaced Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple during the Seventies. But while this accomplishment alone would guarantee him a small footnote in rock history, he remains revered […]