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How Good are Import Guitars? Japanese vs Korean Guitars

Japanese-made Fenders are considered a step up from the MIM line, and there are differences there too. For one, the saddles on the imported Fenders are spaced more narrowly than their American counterparts, a fact which can cause some confusion for do-it-yourselfers who have a proclivity for swapping out parts. The Japanese guitar factories also seem to be a bit fussier about things like… […]


Gretsch G5135 Electromatic Covette Guitar Review

Gretsch name conjures up images of big-bodied guitars, with cool names like White Falcon, Black Phoenix and Country Gentleman being put through their paces by legends like Beatle George Harrison, 50s rock ‘n roller Eddie Cochran and king of rockabilly Brian Setzer. But there’s more to Gretsch than big fat guitars with f-holes and Bigsby vibratos. Back in the 60s the company produced a solid-body electric guitar named the Corvette […]