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Eddie Van Halen Waxing Pickups

Winding in the pickup tend to become loose over time. Waxing (or “potting”) a pickup prevents loose windings from vibrating and becoming microphonic, a condition that results in squealing and feedback. […]

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Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Guitar

In 1978, Eddie Van Halen made his debut into the rock n roll world. He made his appearance to the world with his homemade guitar later called, “Frankenstein”. At the time when his phenomenal technique and tone demanded unbelievable performance he created his guitar to match his almost untouchable standards […]

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Kiss Gods of Thunder

Kiss is one of those definitive rock and roll bands—y’know, the ones both critics and parents loathe, but the kids love anyway. When looking back over the history of rock, however, one can surely ask […]