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History of Dean ML Guitars

When creating the Dean ML guitar in 1977, Zelinsky aimed to create a guitar that would have the perfect tone that he was looking for. In addition to the ultimate tone, he aspired to create the best sustaining guitar of the Dean collection. The ML is truly a work of art when it comes to revolutionizing the way various companies started constructing their own guitars. Many people think that this guitar is just something pretty to look at but the truth is, this is more than just some aesthetically pleasing hunk of metal and wood to sit in the trophy case. […]

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Dimebag Darrell’s 1981 ML Dean

“My dad bought me my first Dean for Christmas,” explains Darrell. “I broke his ass for it—it cost him $1,100. He really had to go out of his way to afford that for me. But I was dying to have one, and he fixed me up. For that, I’ll be forever grateful to him. But not two weeks later, I won another Dean in a guitar-playing contest.” […]