Jenson P10R Speaker Review

If one of your guitar-playing buddies walks up to you and says, “I’ve got the blues,” it could mean one of three things: he just found out his girlfriend’s nick-name is “Back Door Bertha,” he’s […]

Clarence Leo Fender guitars

The life of Leo Fender

Before Leo Fender came along, the solidbody electric guitar was little more than a gimmick. No other person did as much to develop this “gimmick” into one of the most important musical instrument of the […]

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ESP Unveils Two New Bass Guitars

ESP is known for producing guitars tailored to look and sound. Many musicians including Metallica and Bullet for My Valentine‘s guitarist, Michael Paget love using ESP guitars for the great heavy edged riffs. The B-1004 […]

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Fender Jim Root Telecaster Guitar

Jim Root Fender Telecaster–The Fender Telecaster is not typically thought of as being ideal for a hard rock/metal sound, yet some hard rock guitarists, such as Jim Root, lead guitarist for Stone Sour and Slipknot, […]

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Acoustic Guitars

EPM Acoustic Guitar Transducers

So you and the band decided to make like Travis Meeks and cash in on the acoustic craze. Problem is, the group just depleted its bank account buying new acoustic guitars, not too mention a […]