Worn Frets – Guitar Tech Education

I own an early Eighties Charvel Strat that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, certain chords, specifically open D variations, don’t ring in tune, even when I use my tuner. It drives me nuts! My guitar teacher […]


Guitar String Breakage

I’m the happy owner of an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, with one exception: my high E string breaks about once every two days, the B string breaks about every five days, and today my A […]

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Acoustic Guitars

EPM Acoustic Guitar Transducers

So you and the band decided to make like Travis Meeks and cash in on the acoustic craze. Problem is, the group just depleted its bank account buying new acoustic guitars, not too mention a […]

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What’s Tremolo and how does it work?

Tremolo suffers from an acute identity crisis. Thanks to various descriptive errors made in the Fifties, tremolo is frequently mistaken for vibrato. For the record, tremolo is a rhythmic pulse produced by a change in […]