Fernandes Native Elite Guitar Review

Although its body is reminiscent of a chubby Fender Jaguar; the Fernandes Native Elite is a decidedly modern guitar with a little hi-tech voodoo-namely Fernandes’ proprietary Sustainer technology, which offers virtually limitless sustain and rich, […]

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Fernandes Monterey Elite Guitar Review

Fernandes Guitars is a Japanese guitar manufacture founded in 1969. They derived from building flamenco guitars, as the company grew, they eventually expanded products to include: additional acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and […]

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Fernandes Nomad Deluxe

With its Nomad Standard, Fernandes managed to pack a speaker and five-watt amp into a tiny, bean-shaped guitar body. Designed as a self-contained electric travel guitar, the Nomad Standard offered all the benefits of full-size […]