AXL Badwater Jacknife Guitar Review

Legendary guitarists like Randy Roads of Ozzy Osborne played V-shaped guitars; their extreme edge appearance brings the meaning ‘axe,’ which explains why so many metal guitarists prefer them. They’re unique looking, give a tight heavy […]

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AXL Badwater Eldorado Guitar

With unique distressed finishes and an original body design, new AXL Badwater Eldorado electric guitars have the style of “played” vintage guitars and the features of today’s hottest guitars. These electric guitars have the comfortable […]

AXL Guitars Faultline Bass Heads and Cabs

AXL Guitars Faultline Bass Heads and Cabs

AXL Guitars, San Francisco-based company, take another leap forward in the quest to create earth-shaking tones, releases their FAULTLINE series of Bass Amplifier heads and cabinets. Thoughtfully designed, engineered and tested at AXL USA, the […]