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11 Guitars That Sound Like the Future

People in the 1950s thought that we’d all be wearing jetpacks and driving flying cars about now. But did they bother to predict what kind of guitars we’d be shredding on? No, they didn’t. Probably because they couldn’t imagine just how hard these eleven axes would rock. From robot-tuning to synth access, these guitars will have you dreaming of the possibilities […]

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Gibson Dusk Tiger Guitar

Gibson Guitars are still paving the way in terms of guitar technology. Enter the Dusk Tiger, [Gibson claim] simply the most astounding innovation in the history of the guitar. In the wake of Gibson’s groundbreaking Dark Fire, the new Dusk Tiger guitar offers an unprecedented wealth of features to expand your sonic horizons exponentially, yet it brings them to you with greatly increased levels of performance and ease of use, and all at a more affordable price. […]

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Stratosphere – Fender Standard Roland Ready Stratocaster

The Strat we tested was a fine-playing and –sounding instrument of Mexican origin, with three single-coil pickups, a smooth, well-finished rosewood fretboard and a vintage-style non-locking tremolo system. If you plan to experiment with extreme wang bar effects during your forays into synthhood, I might recommend procuring a guitar with a locking tremolo system, but the Roland Ready’s hardware stood up to regular use without undue tuning problems (besides, the GR-30 has a handy built-in tuner). And unlike many failed guitar-synth systems of the past […]