Washburn P4 Deluxe Guitar – taking a look back

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Washburn P4 Deluxe Guitar
Washburn’s P-series were a fine instrument, especially the P4 Deluxe. The guitar was introduced in early 1997, featuring a mahogany body with a flamed maple top that was so beautiful that you would literally drool down your chin.

The guitar also featured Washburn’s (exclusive) sound chambers, which made the guitar extremely lightweight and resonant. The P4 came from the factory with Seymour Duncan classic ’59 and custom humbuckers installed, the tone was absolutely to die for.

Also included in the P4 Deluxe was Schaller locking tuners and a fine-tuning tailpiece, which was designed to give you full control over tuning with the added benefit of a graphite nut. The instrument was available in a variety of burst colors, including Wineburst, Cherry Sunburst, Blueburst, Honeyburst, Coffeeburst and Tobaccoburst.

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6 Responses to “Washburn P4 Deluxe Guitar – taking a look back”
  1. Oh yeah. I soooo wanted one of these when they first showed up. Nuno used them in conjunction with his N Series guitars. Absolutely beautiful guitar

  2. Michael G. says:

    Please someone — help me find one of these. I have been lusting after one for years and the web is a total bust as far as trying to hunt one of these down. If anyone wants to part with theirs, I’ll take her.

  3. Randy S. says:

    Hey, Michael! I’ve got one!

  4. Randy S. says:

    He, Michael G., Email me. Ive got one.

  5. Michael G. says:

    Hey Randy, not sure how to contact you directly, but I’d love to hear all about it. You can shoot me a note at meeklog @ gmail dot com

  6. Fabian says:

    I am also looking for a p-4/ct-4 or 5.

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