Gibson USA Eye Guitar rattles controversy in the guitar world

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Gibson USA Eye Guitar Controversy

Gibson USA Eye Guitar rattles controversy in the guitar world – Gibson’s Eye Limited Edition Guitar is getting extreme buzz in the guitar world, however, not the positive buzz that Gibson was hoping for. It turns out that the Gibson Eye LE is stirring up more controversy than positive appeal.

If you have not yet read our recent post of the Gibson USA Eye Guitar, then follow the link.

Here’s some of the enthusiastic feedback on the guitar’s product page comment thread:

This is the ugliest ******* thing you guys have ever made. Stay off the LSD and start making affortable (sic.) great sounding guitars

Uggggly! With a capital “U”! …and pointeless…

PLEASE….SCRAP THE ENTIRE 2009 LIMITED RUN SERIES before one more innocent tree has to die needlessly.

Hey, Gibson, are you trying to out-do yourselves here? First, the Reverse V, then the Reverse Explorer, then the Holy V and Holy Explorer, and now this? This “Eye” thing, hands-down, is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen (even more-so than the Pontiac Aztec). It’s not “retro;” it’s not “futuristic;” it’s just plain ugly. Gibson has made some of the most beautiful instruments ever created – the Les Paul, the SJ-200, the Lloyd Loar Mandolins, just to name a few. This new guitar is evidence that Gibson also makes the ugliest instruments. Do yourselves a favor and fire the people that designed this, then fire the people that approved its release. And stop needlessly killing innocent trees…

Eye carumba!

We’re not really sure if that last comment was intended to be a positive or not, but you get the idea. The Gibson Eye Guitar carries a USD MSRP of $2,497, which is the answer to that age-old question: “at what price, DAMN, THAT THING IS UGLY!”

What is your opinion of the Gibson USA Eye Guitar? Post your comment below.

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16 Responses to “Gibson USA Eye Guitar rattles controversy in the guitar world”
  1. Jammers5 says:

    I think it is cool. So cool I planked down some cash to order one today! I can’t wait to get it and try ‘er out…the best thing is Gibson has taken the negative comments to heart and slashed the price of this beauty! Thanks everyone!!!!

  2. NAMM says:

    That’s awesome bro! Let us know how it plays.

  3. I also posted about the Gibson Eye when it came out.

    Between its “peculiar” looks and its potential to become a collectible, I am still wondering whether it is worth the investment.

    Maybe an upcoming artist can pick it up and make the Eye its signature model. That would make it an instant collector. 🙂

  4. Jammers5 says:

    Check out the price at your local gibson dealer – much less than the MSRP!

  5. Clam Lover says:

    Jack White will probably get one. Looks like a lame attempt to take on Fender. What were you thinking?

  6. Jammers5 says:

    I was thinking “I like it!” obviously. Just becasue you don’t like it doesn’t mean nobody can like it!

    Who is Jack White?

  7. Jammers5 says:

    Had mine for over a month now and it is one of the coolest guitars I have ever played! Sounds and plays like heaven! Looks even cooler in person! 10 out of 10!

  8. Ian Smalls says:

    i like it now because its controversal, and im gonna get one to be controversal, because im going on my punk sensabilities on this one,
    got the looks and sound im after

  9. Jason says:

    Obviously Jammers5 works for Gibson, that thing is hideouse, it could play like a warm, wet dream and sound better than the best sounding 59 lp ever and I still wouldn’t risk being seen with one…….ever.

  10. Jammers5 says:

    Hey Jason:

    “Obviously“ you are totally wrong as I do not work for Gibson, wish I did but I don`t! You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong they are, but don`t make assumptions!

    Still loving my Gibson eye! It`s a killer guitar! Don`t be infulenced by others – judge it for yourself after playing it!!!


  11. jackaman says:

    Plays and sounds brilliant, looks fresh and modern! Saw a pic of K White from The Ting Tings in concert (if you think this band are just a pop outfit go see them live and enjoy their energy).. it looked so well balanced on stage! Older established guitarists are probably finding this hard as it isn’t traditional enough but it has all Gibson classic umph mixed with new wave. Love Les Pauls ect.. but this is just dreamy. I wonder if Gibson will issue more subtle colors soon?

  12. Jammers5 says:

    I doubt Gibson will wade back into those waters! Rumour has it that they never completed the run of 350 due to poor sales. Bad for eveyone but those that jumped on em (like me!!!!) these guitars will be worth $$$$ as they are so rare!

  13. Kale says:

    gayest guitar in the universe! Goin’ to fender.

  14. Jammers5 says:

    @Kale r u homophobic?

  15. Kale says:

    Yes I am. To many of em’ in my town. Go Boston Celtics!

  16. Kale says:

    Sorry for my comment, by gay I meant ugly and stupid. The word has so many
    meanings. And, no I am not a homophobe, I just don’t like Gibson. This guitar, like a lot of guitars Gibson is making, is a gimmik. Wouldn’t be caught dead with this one. Or a new LP, since Gibson ruined it with the chambering and swiss-cheesing and the PCB circuit boards and NO cavity shielding. The only way to get a real Lester is a custom shop reissue, which by the way should be made by Gibson USA. Fender makes USA reissues in their Corona plant. And their cheaper than a regular USA Les Paul! And I am Po’d about the Hendrix thing. His legacy lives on in the Strat, he doesn’t need a signature model. And Gibson doesn’t have the right to step into Fender Territory. Hendrix wouldn’t like that Gibson was putting his name on a COPY of a Strat. He’d want it on a FENDER STRAT. Gibson is the worst. Boston Celtics still rule. Peace.

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