Marshall 8100 Valvestate

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Marshall 8100 Valvestate

Marshall 8100 Valvestate is easily one of the most underrated Solid State amplifiers ever to be built. The 8100 Valvestate incorporates a ECC83 (12AX7) hybride tube technology, which helps push this behemoth amplifier into overdrive, delivering its raw power and shear tone. Not only does the 8100 produce thick low end power chord distortion, the 8100 can also deliver rich and vibrant cleans to British gritty crunch.

Notable bands that use or used the Marshall 8100 Valvestate include:

From Marshall’s official website:

What is Valvestate?

The vast majority of rock’s most celebrated guitar tones have been made with the help of all-valve amplification. As a result over the years many manufacturers have tried to emulate that sought after all-valve sound using solid state technology. All such attempts failed miserably up until now. Enter Marshall’s groundbreaking Valvestate technology.

As the world’s most respected manufacturers of valve amplifiers, our vastly experienced guitar playing Design Engineers understand the magical feel and harmonic response created by driving an all-valve power amp section hard. It’s not only down to the desirable compression and harmonic distortion produced by valves, but also the unique way in which the power amp interacts with the speakers. Our design team used this knowledge to the full and by successfully combining painstaking research and new technology with countless hours of playing and listening, Valvestate was born.

Quite simply Valvestate technology emulates the superb tone of a cranked to the max all-valve power stage with uncanny accuracy. The result is a highly versatile range of amps which couple the cost cutting advantages of solid state technology with the all-valve sound every guitarist lusts after – a winning combination that has been welcomed with open arms by axemen (and axewomen!) all over the globe. An Amp for Every Occasion

Before we take a closer look at some of the many unique features that the Valvestate series has to offer, let’s quickly familiarise ourselves with the six combos, two heads and two extension cabinets in the range. As you’re about to discover, regardless of whether you are practicing in your bedroom or headlining at a football stadium, there’s a Valvestate amp for you.


3 Responses to “Marshall 8100 Valvestate”
  1. So true. The Marshall Valvestates are under rated. My main gigging rig used to contain a Fender Twin Re-issue, but it was not quite right for the gig and was way to fragile for the rough venues we used to play. So I got the Valvestates bigger brother AVT150H and matching cab. That thing survived a full schooner of beer going into her. These things are tanks.

  2. Descent Into Madness says:

    Still have mine, great metal sound with TRI-OD in front.

  3. Charlie says:

    Yeah they are are amazing amps for metal. I can also get a really nice brown sound out of mine. The trick is learning how to EQ it. Once you accept the controls are very sensitive, you can achieve amazing sounds. Very underrated amps.

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