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Line 6 POD HD300 Review

May 24, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Line 6 HD300 POD Late last year, Line 6 ramped up their strategy to claim a larger stake in the Multi-Effects arena. The flagship series they constructed to spearhead the entry, was the POD HD series. Before this series, the market was largely dominated by a handful of large companies, namely Digitech, Boss, and a few others. To this day, these large companies still hold the large share, but that all may change in the future. Read more

Maxon Reissue Series Effects Pedals

February 28, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Maxon Analog Delay Effects Pedal ReissueThe Maxon’s converted product line from the Seventies is being reissued, beginning with four models. Originally released in 1979, the Maxon OD808 Overdrive employs the IC chip of the original unit to create a vacuum tube-style overdrive, its smooth, creamy crunch tone caught on quickly, and helped to launch a long line of predecessors as well as imitators. While the D&S Distortion and Sustainer produces transistor distortion with tones that range from subtle overdrive to extreme fuzz. The AD80 Analog Delay creates 10-300ms of warm analog delay time, and the PT999 Phase Tone produces intense phasing with low-noise design and a wide dynamic range. List prices are as follows: OD808, $185.00; D&S Distortion and Sustainer, $180.00; AD80, $335.00; PT999, 190.00.

Morpheus DropTune Transforms One Guitar Into Seven

January 28, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Morpheus Droptune Guitar PedalHave you ever sat down with a pitch shift pedal only to be disappointed when your E major chord turned into garbled nonsense?

Traditional pitch shift pedals can only process one string at a time, but with the Morpheus DropTune, real polyphonic drop tuning exists in a squash of a pedal.

The Morpheus DropTune takes technology developed by an avid team of professional guitar effect aficionados, and puts it into one extremely cool idea of a pedal. Allowing you to tune down three and a half steps in half step increments, this lets you do away with the extra guitars. This can really be a relief to those on tour that are hauling up to three or more instruments at a time. Multiple instruments can start to take up a lot of space in a tiny van, and can become an expensive upkeep considering strings alone. Read more

EHX Neo Clone, Iron Lung, and Ring Thing Guitar Pedal Review

January 26, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

EHX Neo Clone, Iron Lung, and Ring Thing Guitar Pedal Review
Electro-Harmonix has a history of pedals with super-hero-sounding names: Electric Mistress, Memory Man, Worm, and P0G. A new trio is no exception: Neo Clone could come out of the Matrix; Iron Lung might be Iron Man’s loudmouth cousin; Ring Thing, the product of a radioactive experiment gone wrong. The resemblance to fictional characters is fitting, as “character” is something EHX pedals have always had. This new crop of unique devices also has the right stuff. Read more

NAMM 2011: Tech 21 unveils three new guitar pedals

January 17, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

NAMM 2011 — The evolution of the chorus effect seems to have gotten stuck in ’80s pop, along with over-processed guitars, cheesy synths and popped collars. This ain’t that kind of chorus.

When we designed the Boost Chorus pedals we went back to the ’70s, when choruses were rich, smooth and manly. We figured out what made these vintage stompboxes sound so good and poured that knowledge into a new kind of chorus pedal with greatly improved performance and a whole slew of never-before-heard sounds. Slapback, echo, flanging and doubling effects are all possible from the modestly named Boost Chorus pedals.

Tech 21 Boost Chorus


Designed primarily for guitar (but sounds great on everything else) the Boost Chorus features unprecedented tweakability for this type of pedal. No fewer than six controls allow players to easily dial-in the right tone, speed and depth of the effect.

The Mix control allows a 0-100% wet blend of the effect, while the Level control offers increasing amounts of boost to compensate for the volume loss perceived with chorus. The final control is the Pre-Delay, which alters the chorus’ range to produce effects from flange/chorus, to regular chorus, to chorus/doubler.

The secret weapon is the Multi Voice switch. Engage this to bask in the multiple chorus voices of an Ensemble-style effect

Tech 21 Boost Chorus Bass


Because of the way traditional chorus pedals typically interact with their amps, most bass players would rather put an angry badger on their pedalboard. The Boost Chorus Bass avoids seasick tones, and badgers, through a specially-tailored design.

It features the same control set as the standard Boost Chorus, including the Multi Voice switch, but differs in having a Detune control in place of the Pre-Delay. The Detune control adjusts the pitch of the choral voices, adding sonic girth to create thick, lush, bass-perfect chorus.

Speed and Depth controls add modulation, so at minimum your fundamental notes are preserved. Finally, a chorus that works in harmony with your bass.

Roto Choir


No musician can deny the deep, swirling glory of a vintage rotating speaker cabinet, that uniquely lush, pulsing tone that brings any instrument to life. So, why doesn’t everyone use one? Because they’re the size and weight of a bulky refrigerator, cost big bucks and are more high-maintenance than a platinum diva.

But, imagine getting all of that inspiring rich modulation with cutting-edge features in a studio-quiet, road-worthy pedal. Just one little pedal. Now imagine you can use that pedal with guitar and to record direct.

The Roto Choir recreates both the rotating lower speaker and the treble rotor horn – the only way to attain that complex, multi-dimensional tone. In fact, the Roto Choir utilities a specifically formulated SansAmp technology to deliver the entire signal chain – from the original tube power amp to the speaker and high-frequency rotor horn, to the microphone used to capture it. This is HD, 3D emulation.

The simple controls hide a wealth of options. Drive adds just the right amount of compression, harmonics and grit. Low and High sculpt the tube amp emulation with powerful EQ curves. The Fast/Slow footswitch allows users to ramp up, slow down or even stop the rotating speaker. There’s also a dedicated control to custom set the Top Speed of your rotor. Want to vary the intensity of the effect? Simply adjust the Position control to move the Roto Choir’s virtual mic closer or further from the horns.

Other features include a biamped/single-speaker mode switch, stereo output and a Speaker Sim switch for direct recording. Find the easy way to celestial sounds you can get lost in with the Roto Choir.

Tech 21 Guitar Pedals

NAMM 2011: Jack Deville Mod Zero Guitar Pedal

January 16, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

modzero-guitar-effects-pedalNAMM 2011 — The new Mod Zero is the latest guitar effects creation by Portland Oregon boutique designer Jack Deville Electronics. Mod Zero is the all-in-one box that creates all types of modulation and some special “holy grail” tones that players have chased for years. Mod Zero is a 100% analog modulation box that features vintage and modern takes on famous and unheard sounds. Read more

NAMM 2011: Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face JBF3

January 15, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

fuzz-face-jbf3-bonamassaFollowing in the footsteps of Fuzz Face masters Eric Johnson, David Gilmour, and Jimi Hendrix – Joe Bonamassa relies on his Fuzz Face to deliver his trademark searing leads. Tested and developed over several world tours, the JBF3 Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face is voiced specifically for Joe’s humbucker-driven tone, adding sustain and thickness for a rich, creamy fuzz.

Dunlop Fuzz Face JBF3 pedal boasts a hand-wired circuitry built around matched NOS Russian military germanium transistors for their characteristic warmth and growl. The JBF3 also features classic grey Cliff jacks and Omeg pots all housed in a polished copper finish that will patina over time. “I wanted this Fuzz Face to be a pedal that would instantly transform your tone,” Joe says. “It drives you to a different place as a player. Kick on the inspiration box!” Production of the Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face is limited to a single batch each year. Read more

NAMM 2011: HardWire HT-6 Polyphonic Guitar Tuner

January 13, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

hardwire-ht6-tunerNAMM 2011 — HardWire is a leading manufacturer of guitar pedals, introduces the new HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner. The HT-6 is a tuner for guitarists and bassists that can be used to tune all 6 strings of an instrument simultaneously.

Based on technology from 3dB Research, the Hardwire HT-6 makes tuning instruments faster and easier by simply strumming all strings and viewing the ‘string’ display readout as to which string is in or out of tune.

The HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner pedal interface is similar to chromatic tuning pedals, but features standard effects pedal, 6rows of LED lights (one for each string) and an LED display matrix that represents the six strings of a guitar or bass. Two buttons on the HT-6 Tuner’s top display panel are used for selecting display modes (Mode) and tuning references (Tuning). Read more

NAMM 2011: HardWire SP-7 Stereo Phaser Pedal

January 13, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

hardwire-sp7-guitar-pedalNAMM 2011 — HardWire is a leading manufacturer of guitar pedals, today introduced the SP-7 Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal. The SP-7 is an advanced Phaser effects pedal offering seven Phaser types based on popular new and vintage effects pedals including 2-stage, 4-stage, modern, boutique, 10-stage, envelope and dynamic.

Leveraging DSP originally developed for the DigiTech RP Series of products, the new pedal also features controls for speed, depth, modify and phaser type, as well as an indicator LED and tap tempo switch for setting the phaser’s effects modulation speed time during a live performance. Read more

NAMM 2011: Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MkII

January 12, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

way-huge-green-rhino-overdrive-pedalNAMM 2011 — The legendary Way Huge Green Rhino has returned! The Mk II has all the gorgeous classic overdrive that you crave but it has evolved to include cool new features that make it even more rhinoceriffic.

In addition to the Volume, Tone, and Drive controls, you get a 100Hz EQ knob to cut or boost your low end by 12dB. Your low notes can either shake the ground like a stampede across the savannah or cut through the mix like a charging rhino’s horn. This pachyderm of a pedal also sports a Curve control to fine-tune the corner frequencies of your tone. Read more

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