Break Strings Much? Ernie Ball Offers a Solution

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guitar-electric-titanium-stringsFor the longest time, I refused to play anything but DR’s on my electric guitar. Though, once I really began gigging out every other weekend, I began to encounter a really frustrating issue. Every two-three shows, I was breaking a string. After considering a setup and messing around with new saddles, I decided to try a set of Ernie Ball coated slinky strings. I haven’t looked back since.

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The strings are titanium reinforced on the wound strings to prevent string breakage, and are specially coated to preserve the life and chime of your strings. I’ve always been skeptical about Ernie Ball and their products, but after one set, my strings lasted MUCH longer than they ever had. Sure, you could say I play a little hard. I dig into my strings, but that’s how I get my sound and my tone. I love just strumming hard on one string sometimes instead of playing barre/power chords when playing rhythm. This had a tendency to encourage string snaps, but that’s part of my style.

The strings are $9.99 a set, but they last over twice as long as the DR’s I used to buy for $5.99. If I walk into Guitar Center during the right week, I can buy two sets and get one free, which is a huge bonus! Instead of having to change my strings/have a string break every two-three shows, I find myself saying (after four shows) “alright, my tone is kind of wearing off, I should probably change my strings.” It’s really great. I’m saving a lot of dough and a lot of embarrassment too. There’s nothing worse than being onstage and breaking a string. I can deal with it, but it’s just a huge pain in the ass and something that really shouldn’t happen.

I’ve read a few good things about these strings, and a lot of negative stuff too. This is an honest testimonial though. These strings really work. They preserve that new-string sound for a good month, keeping that twang alive. This is thanks to the coating that fights the elements and keeps humidity from corroding your strings like other strings will allow. I’m not saying your strings will never become gross, because all guitar strings will. It’s an inevitable law of guitars. But if you have a problem with breaking strings or losing string life, these strings might be for you. They’re a little more expensive than regular guitar strings, but there’s a good reason. You’ll find out when your strings still sing after so long, and that clumsy A string isn’t broken 3 ½ songs into your set.

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

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