Choosing the Right Microphone

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A microphone’s purpose is to capture sound. Depending on weather you are playing a live show or doing some work in the studio, the microphone can be your best friend; or your worst enemy. Choosing the correct microphone for the job is crucial for the right sound. You wouldn’t want to be on stage belting out your vocals into a kick drum mic, just as you wouldn’t want to use an $800.00 studio vocal mic for a kick drum. Here we will be discussing the three more popular and commercially available types of microphones Read more

Kelly Shu Kick-drum Microphone shock-mount

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Kelly Shu Kick-drum Microphone shock-mountMiking a bass drum seems simple enough, but as anyone who has tried can tell you, you either can or you can’t. In general Bass frequency can get lost and muddy in a mix. Take a lean out the window in my neighborhood and the next ’68 Impala to drive by will prove my point. The problem isn’t the drum, or the microphone, but the mic placement! Read more

Blue Encore 100 and 200 Mic Hands-On Review

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Blue Encore 100 and 200 Mic Hands-On ReviewBlue microphones have a stellar reputation in the recording studio thanks to their impressive ability to capture a wide array of sounds and their distinctive–and sometimes lovably quirky–looks. Over the last few years, Blue has also jumped into the consumer/computer market with products like the Snowball and Snowflake. The live stage was the last unconquered territory–until now. Read more

Korby Audio Technologies

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microphone reviews

Korby Solid-State “Stubby” Microphonediscontinued

The “Stubby” microphone uses solid-state circuitry to achieve the distinctive fat, dark tone associated with the vintage Neumann U47 tube mic. The mic features a cardiod polar pattern, frequency response from 40hz to 18 kHz, signal-to-noise ration of 70db and maximum output of 200mv.

Sennheiser Evolution Series dynamic microphones

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SENNHEISER Evolution e835SPurchasing a microphone is never an easy task. It’s hard enough to crank up a guitar amp in a music store and try to evaluate the tone of an instrument, effect or amp—all the while trying to think of something cool to play to impress those around you. But to plug in a microphone and sing—or even stand there and talk into it? Forget it. To really judge the sound of a mic, you need to take it into the trenches. Will it feed back in your rehearsal space? Will it feed back on stage? Does it sound good on vocals? How about acoustic guitar? Electric guitar? Clean or distorted? What about recording? Read more

Live Music Recording – Preventing Cymbal Leakage

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Drum recording

When my band rehearses, the cymbals are always leaking into the vocal microphones. How can we stop this from happening?


Answer Read more

Samson, Shure and Telex UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

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Shure Wireless SM58 UT4The main reason for using a wireless system is obvious: avoiding the embarrassment of being tackled by your own cable. While wireless systems have become commonplace, there are still performers who prefer the umbilical-cord safety of their real cables, citing signal degradation and interference as being the main problems with going wireless. While early systems did suffer from those Spinal Tap moments when the evening’s ballad was interrupted by the local cab firm’s radio controller, the recent generation of wireless microphone systems reviewed below have a couple of secret weapons. Read more

Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder

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Zoom H4nZoom H4n Digital Recorder — Zoom are pleased to announce their all-new recorder: The H4n features an improved user interface, built-in X/Y stereo condenser mics, a digitally controlled mic pre-amp and the ability to use internal and external mics simultaneously for 4-channel recording; making the H4n the most sophisticated handheld recorder by Zoom, to date. Read more

Tube Microphones Review

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Tube MicrophonesJust as tube guitar amps provide warmer sound and more natural tone than solid state amps, tube microphones accomplish the same thing fir vocals and miked instruments. Classic mics like the Neumann U67 have been a favorite of studio engineers for decades, but today there are several more affordable tube mics on the market that get the job done quite well.

We tested tube microphones made by Audio-Technica, AKG and Alesis by tracking vocals, a Martin D-1 acoustic guitar and a Les Paul through a Peavey Classic 30 combo amp to an Alesis ADAT and direct to a Panasonic 3700 DAT machine. All three microphones were quite impressive, though some seemed better-suited for certain applications than others. Read more

Tascam DP-004 Digital Pocketstudio

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Tascam DP-004TASCAM has revealed a new recording device called the DP-004 Digital Pocketstudio, the DP-004 is a portable four-track digital recorder. TASCAM has more than 30 years of Portastudio innovation, the DP-004 maintains their legendary ease-of-use of cassette-based four-track recorders but enhances it with CD-quality digital recording technology. Read more

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