How Good are Import Guitars? Japanese vs Korean Guitars

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Fender MIJ StratEvery guitar player, at some point or another, aspires to own one of the top brand-name instruments on the market, whether made by Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Paul Reed Smith or anyone else. In some ways, the guitar one plays becomes an identifying symbol; Stevie Ray Vaughn, for instance, was seldom seen with anything other than a Fender Stratocaster in his hands. Not many people could pick Peter Frampton out of a lineup today, but they know he played a Gibson Les Paul. Read more

Ibanez Destroyer Bass DTB100 – Bass Guitars

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Ibanez Destroyer Bass GuitarIf you are looking for a second hand electric bass guitar that has killer vintage looks and bold shapes, then you might want to stop looking at the classifieds and consider getting the revamped Ibanez Destroyer Bass. It sports a vintage look combined with a pointy shape that will cater to most metal music bassists. Read more

Would you pay $35,000 for Steve Vai’s Ibanez guitar?

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Ibanez Universe Jem 7 String Guitar

If so, you have just a little over 22 day to click the ‘buy it now‘ button on eBay, providing nobody beats you to it. This is the first Ibanez Universe (7 string) prototype guitar to ever be shopped on eBay. The guitar is being sold by Vai’s former engineer, Richard Landers, to fund medical expenses in the family. Read more

2011: Year of the Micro – Carvin V3M vs Ibanez TSA15H

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Ibanez TSA15H Carvin V3M2011 may well be remembered by guitar and amp aficionados as the Year of the Micro. On top of the list of big things that come in small packages is the EVH 5150 III Micro, a tube-driven head that delivers smashing power to your favorite cabinet (or, better yet, Eddie Van Halen’s favorite cabinet). Hauling your amp from home to the bar, or from home to the studio, and back again has never been easier. It has also never sounded so good. Read more

Ibanez RG870 and RG920 Premium Series Guitar Review

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Ibanez RG870 and RG920 Premium SeriesI have to admit right from the start that metal has never been my medium of choice; I prefer trem-bar bends in short bursts, not big bombs, and I like distortion to sound like distortion, not explosions. Read more

Ibanez S320 Guitar Review

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Ibanez S320 Guitar Review

Ibanez Guitars introduces more new products every-year it seems, and the majority of them are becoming more and more affordable guitar models. This presents buyers with quite a challenge when trying to narrow down their choices, but as far as I’m concerned, the Ibanez S Series S320 is one of the best models Ibanez offers with an online price around $350 bones. Read more

Ibanez RG321E Electric Guitar

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Ibanez RG321E

Musician's Friend

Ibanez Guitars — The Ibanez RG321E electric guitar features a 3-piece maple bolt-on neck with the fast and thin Ibanez wizard II profile and a mahogany body that produces extra punch, warmth, power, chunk, and incredible sustain. The bound rosewood fingerboard has 24 jumbo frets and pearl dot inlays. All hardware is black-chrome, including die-cast tuners and a fixed Gibraltar Standard bridge. The RG Fixed series brings you the world’s premier metal ax-with the simplicity and sustain of a Gibraltar fixed bridge. Not only does the Gibraltar bridge give your more sonic sustain, but also features a low-profile design that offers maximum playing comfort while you pump out those blazing licks. Read more

Ibanez Xiphos XPT700XH Video Review

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Ibanez Xiphos XPT700XH

The Ibanez Xiphos XPT700XH has an extreme look and an even more extreme tone. 27 frets, ripping-fast Wizard II neck and Dimarzio pickups are just a few of its shred-friendly features, with Mahogany Body – Wizard II Neck-Thru Neck includes Dimarzio Pickups – Edge III Bridge – Green Shadow Flat Finish. The Ibanez Xiphos XPT700XH makes guitar gods of mere mortals. Read more

Battle of Ibanez: RG2EX1 vs. RG321 – fight!

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Ibanez RG2EX1 GuitarSince 1986 the masters at Ibanez hit their stride with the RG body style, and have been leaving a trail of wannabe guitar carcass road kill on the highway of rock ever since. I remember seeing my friends with their RG550 models and saying to myself “one day, I’ll own one too”. Fast forward 23 years to find that Ibanez has not rested on its past success. They have also been smart enough to start making budget guitars, starting with the EX series, almost from day two. This is part of what has brought undying loyalty and a fan base some rock stars, and other guitar makers, could only dream to achieve. Read more

Joe Satriani announces new Chickenfoot JS1000 Guitar

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Joe Satriani Chickenfoot JS1000 Guitar

Joe Satriani announces his all-new Chickenfoot JS1000 guitar on Twitter. As being a former owner of one of the most rarest Joe Satriani’s guitars Ibanez JS2PRM Chromeboy (only 60 made), I get especially excited about Joe‘s guitars.

Pictured is Joe’s all-new one-of-a-kind Chickenfoot Ibanez JS1000. Look at how nice it is with the Chickenfoot logo stamped on it’s white JS1000 body, just looks yummy to play! Joe is an active Twitter lately, which is really cool… you can follow him too by going to

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