Zakk Wylde vs Gus G – Who is better?

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Gus G vs Zakk WyldeOh God, not another one of those articles. You know, when I was given this subject to write about, I wasn’t all that thrilled. But the more I read fans’ answers, and the more I thought about how these are usually done, I warmed to the idea rather well. Read more

Blackstar HT-Blackfire Gus G Guitar Distortion Pedal

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blackstar-ht-blackfire-distortion-gus-g-guitarBlackstar HT-Blackfire – The HT-BLACKFIRE is the first artist signature product by Blackstar, developed with influential guitarist Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind). Gus’s instructions to the Blackstar design engineers was to produce “the ultimate heavy metal distortion pedal”. The HT-Blackfire is a two channel, valve-driven, metal distortion pedal. Read more