How Good are Import Guitars? Japanese vs Korean Guitars

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Fender MIJ StratEvery guitar player, at some point or another, aspires to own one of the top brand-name instruments on the market, whether made by Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Paul Reed Smith or anyone else. In some ways, the guitar one plays becomes an identifying symbol; Stevie Ray Vaughn, for instance, was seldom seen with anything other than a Fender Stratocaster in his hands. Not many people could pick Peter Frampton out of a lineup today, but they know he played a Gibson Les Paul. Read more

Epiphone Nighthawk Guitar: Will It Fly?

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Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue Guitar
The hard-working folks at Epiphone Guitars have stomped on the gas pedal as they bring the new 2011 Nighthawk to the marketplace. Public opinion about the Gibson Nighthawk has always run fairly high, as the older models are slowly climbing the rungs of the sought-after ladder, but this new Epiphone version – for all of the interesting factory tweaks it’s been given – has one thing going for it that can be best described as compelling Read more

Epiphone LE 1956 Gold Top Les Paul Guitar

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Epiphone LE 1956 Gold Top Les PaulGold tops are the coolest. There, I said it. I know, I know, ’59 Burst, yadda, yadda, yadda, flame top, whatever. Give me the gold, Baby. Of course, the coolest of the gold tops are the 50’s gold tops with P90’s, which are the original Les Paul design, as humbuckers came along a few years later. The only problem is that real 50’s Les Pauls pretty much require a mortgage to obtain, at least for most of us. Thankfully, Epiphone has come to the rescue with the Limited Edition 1956 Les Paul Gold Top. Read more

Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

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The Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric guitar is a classic that has been around for generations. This guitar has the melodious sound of an acoustic that is paired with the power of an electric guitar, so you have the best of both worlds in your hands. Perfect for a live gig, the electric-acoustic guitar can give you a sound that reaches even the largest audience, without sacrificing the sound that fits your style best. Read more

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass Guitar

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Best Bass Money Can Buy? — Epiphone Thunderbird IV puts the letter “C” in “Classic”. No other bass looks like it or plays like it. The beloved Thunderbird bass from Epiphone features the “reverse” body styling, carved top and dual bass TB Humbucking pickups complimented with black hardware and the Thunderbird insignia on the pickguard.

The Thunderbird was a “unique” looking bass in 1963… and still creates that same charming appeal to this day. What made the Thunderbird bass a classic was not so much its distinctive look, but the way the guitar plays. The original Gibson Thunderbird version—with its neck thru-body, laminated neck, and expansive walnut wings proved to be an absolute tone machine; the resonance and quality of its dazzling, clean low-end rocks the jock strap off nearly any bass you put against bass guitars in even higher price brackets. Read more

Are Xaviere Guitars JUNK pt2

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Are Xaviere Guitars JUNK pt2 GuitarFetish xv 500Last week we wrote a piece asking, you, the reader, if Xaviere Guitars are junk. The responses we received in the comment section was significant to our research and the debate was a great success. We’ve spent some time reading through the comments and determined that a handful of folks, out of a 100+ comments, posted their bad experiences from GuitarFetish and Xaviere guitars, while many posted their positive experiences. Read more

Are Xaviere Guitars JUNK?

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Xaviere Guitars are JUNK REVIEWGuitar Blogs and Webzines normally write about all the great and positive hooptah, in regards to guitars and guitar companies, and usually shy away from talking about what really needs to be talked about. Here at Gear-Vault we believe in the “no bullshit‘ policy, which means we not only write about the good that need to be revealed, we also write about the bad and the ugly–that–MUST be exposed. Read more

Just in time for Christmas – Cheap Epiphone GT Guitars

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epiphone-special-II-gt-guitar-topEpiphone’s determination to build high-quality, high-standard guitars with a reasonable prices tag began many decades before our current economic situation, making the company a long-trusted foundation of “great bang for the buck” instruments. Read more

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Graveyard Disciple Electric Guitar

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Epiphone Zakk Wylde “Graveyard Disciple” Limited Edition Guitar

Zakk Wylde is one of the most iconic heavy metal guitarists of our time and has had his praises sung far and wide. From his years with Ozzy Osbourne to fronting his own band, Black Label Society, Wylde has proved his point time and again and is considered by many to be the last of the true guitar heroes. Read more

Epiphone Marcus Henderson Apparition Electric Guitar

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Epiphone Marcus Henderson Apparition Electric Guitar

Epiphone Guitars–Marcus Henderson, best known as the heavy-metal guitarist behind a majority of guitar riffs and solos in the highly successful video game Guitar Hero, has joined forces with Epiphone to design and create the Apparition signature electric guitar. Marcus says this dream axe is designed to be the very definition of what a 21st century guitar should be: substance with killer style, bulletproof construction, and above everything else, huge tone. Read more

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