Protection Racket Drum Mat Markers

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If there is one thing we all have in common as drummers, it’s that we all need a good drum mat to place our percussive palaces upon. Whether you go for hardware-store basic, Carpet store remnant, or even the well-haggled-over exotic Persian variety, a good rug is a must have for the drummer about town, even if it’s just a door-mat from some crappy bar in Iowa. Read more

Famous Drum Sets No.3 – The Four Piece

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Famous Drum Sets No.3 - The Four PieceI now understand what writers go through when trying to assemble an accurate description of the subject at hand. Whether it’s a painting, a great moment in sports, a catchy new song or the newest Ford pickup truck, the definitions of such potential pop icons can become daunting. This has been my conundrum in coming to terms with the Four-Piece drum set. Read more

Korg Wavedrum – Revolution of Percussion

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In 1984 there were drummers who were purists and would only be seen behind an acoustic set of drums. The mere thought of playing plugged-in to anything even close to a drum machine or sampler was not only foreign, but frightening. Read more

Famous Historic Drum Sets

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Famous Drum Sets No.2

Master drummer, Roy Knapp’s Trap Set, as used on WLS Chicago’s “National Barn Dance” radio show.

Master drummer, Roy Knapp’s Trap Set, as used on WLS Chicago’s “National Barn Dance” radio show.

As the “Trap Set” began to find its way into the pop music of the early 1900’s, it took on may shapes and configurations. Read more

Pork Pie Lil’ Squealer Drum Kit

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pork-pie-little-squealer-drum-kit-percussionYou may be familiar with Pork Pie drums. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the custom drum builder was born as a direct reaction to drums that seemed to be snapped together on massive factories with limited options for the working drummer. Read more

Earplugs for guitarists, drummers and musicians

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Can you give me some information on earplugs? How well do they work, and do most rock musicians use them?

Rockin’ Billy Bong

While they’re relatively new to the world of rock music, earplugs have become a popular item with many musicians, and with good reason. I’ve worked for a lot of particularly loud rock bands, and the groups who didn’t wear earplugs usually have something in common with each other—it’s called “tinnitus,” a constant ringing of the ears that result from prolonged exposure to high volume levels. Tinnitus produces varying degrees of discomfort, depending on the amount of abuts that has been inflicted upon a person’s ear.

Among the musicians I’ve known, drummers typically have the worst case of tinnitus. Unlike guitarists, who can stand some distance from their amplifiers, drummers are seated and can’t move away from their instrument. The crashing of cymbals, in particular, has a harmful effect on drummers, since high frequencies do more damage to hearing than low frequencies do.

If you perform on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you wear earplugs or, if they are within your budget, and in-ear monitor system. In-ear monitors are highly accurate, state-of-the-art devices that are individually created for the wearer. Read more