Flying Drum Sticks

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Throwing Drum SticksWe have all seen it before; drummers whipping their drum sticks out into the crowd at the end of a bad ass concert. Generally I think that we all just assume that someone in the crowd catches the sticks and ends up with a really awesome concert souvenir. This is usually true, but what about an audience member getting lambasted upside the head by a flying drum stick? Read more

RacketeX Protection Racket Cases

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This is neither the first time you’ve read me touting the fine wares that are Protection Racket’s products, nor do I suspect it will be the last. For something as simple as a soft-case you might not expect a whole lot to be said. Well friend, this is where you’re wrong. I expect companies to put forth the best possible effort when they bring a product to market, after all I don’t buy rotten fruit from the farmer’s market, I want the best, the freshest, the brightest! The brightest indeed! Read more

Zildjian ZXT Trashformer Drum Cymbals

April 19, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Zildjian ZXT Trashformer CymbalsDrummers have a unique perspective when it comes to generating sound. While other instrumentalists are limited to what they can be plugged into via an effects-loop or, stomped on via a bloated pedal-board, drummers can make virtually anything percussive. Kitchen sinks, lengths of copper pipe, hubcaps and license plates have all found there way to my percussive arsenal. Found objects can really open up one’s sonic creativity. Read more

Swirly Gig Shtick Holder – Drum Gear

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Swirly Gig Shtick Holder - Drum GearIt may have been an epiphany when the idea for her Swirly-Gig products came about. Maybe it was too much time spent playing with a Slinky, maybe it was frustration from too often reaching for extra sticks that have slipped in their holder. Either way, the Swirly-Gig Shtick Holder (a.k.a. stick holder… har-dee-har-har) was born and boy-oh-boy am I glad. Read more

Gibraltar Stealth Rack

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Gibraltar Stealth RackCall me Old Fashioned, but I’ve always resisted using a drum rack. I understand the convenience they offer when you have a large set up and need things to be “just so”. I also get the peace of mind they provide by allowing you to lock all of your settings; No one likes their drums and cymbals to tip or tilt out of place and racks are very solid. But I play a small kit, often only two or three drums and cymbals; a large rack simply is more than I need. Well, it seems that now I too can feel assured that my gear is solid and secure night after night. I present to you the Stealth Rack from Gibraltar Hardware. Read more