Ultimate Recycling: Building The Cigar Box Guitar

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The Dream Of Building Your Very Own Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box GuitarOur existence in the 21st Century has taken on a disposable quality that probably won’t be much admired by future historians. Look at us. Every time Apple trots out a new iWhatever, 50 million “old” iWhatevers get tossed out the window. Our jobs, our mortgages, our marriages, NBA contracts – it all gets torn up in the end, and we begin anew. Read more

Rickenbacker’s 1932 invention of the Frying Pan

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Rickenbacker Frying Pan 1932 GuitarMake it louder!, said George Beauchamp to John Dopyera. These three little words led to the birth of the electric guitar, and instrument that would go on to rock the world and become one of the signature sounds of the 20th century. Read more