Best Cheap Electric Guitars to Buy when on a Budget

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Ultimate-Guitar PricesRock history has proven time and time again that where electric guitars are concerned, you don’t have to break the bank to bust onto the charts. Certainly, a fair share of hit albums have been recorded with instruments that cost more than most used cars, but a remarkable number of legendary discs have also been tracked with extremely inexpensive instruments that produced equally stunning results. Read more

News: Fender Telecaster stolen from a Casket

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Fender Telecaster stolen from a CasketA Fender Telecaster was brought back from the grave, allegedly stolen from a casket of a 67-year-old Army veteran by a Wisconsin cemetery worker. Read more

Would you pay $35,000 for Steve Vai’s Ibanez guitar?

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Ibanez Universe Jem 7 String Guitar

If so, you have just a little over 22 day to click the ‘buy it now‘ button on eBay, providing nobody beats you to it. This is the first Ibanez Universe (7 string) prototype guitar to ever be shopped on eBay. The guitar is being sold by Vai’s former engineer, Richard Landers, to fund medical expenses in the family. Read more

Metallica to Release Album with Legendary Artist Lou Reed

June 20, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Lou Reed with MetallicaApocalipsis, apocalisse, or apocalypse. All of these words mean the end of the world. There is one other word for it—Lou Reed. At least in a musical sense. Read more

Gibson Byrdland Guitars – Confession of a Vintage Gear Whore

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Gibson Byrdland GuitarIntroduced in 1955 Gibson’s Byrdland was one of the first thinline hollowbody electrics. Designed with the help of hot-shot guitarists Billy Byrd and Hank Garland, whose surnames were combined to form the model’s name, the Byrdland was a Venetian (i.e. rounded) cutaway archtop with a carved spruce top and solid maple rims and back. Though the body was only 2-1/4 inches deep, rather than the standard 3-3/8 inches. Also unusual was the instrument’s short scale length 23-1/2 inches, a full two inches less than that of most archtops, allowing guitarists to play chords that required large stretches. Read more

Carvin Jones: An American Blues Guitar Virtuoso

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Carvin Jones CarvinatorBlues You Can Use From the Desert Southwest – Every once in a while, you run across something that is just astonishing, something that you’d never expect to find. For this writer, that “something” is bluesman Carvin Jones, who has long been the pride of Phoenix, Arizona and has over time become a familiar and welcome face on the European concert circuit. Read more

Ibanez RG870 and RG920 Premium Series Guitar Review

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Ibanez RG870 and RG920 Premium SeriesI have to admit right from the start that metal has never been my medium of choice; I prefer trem-bar bends in short bursts, not big bombs, and I like distortion to sound like distortion, not explosions. Read more

Image-line FL Studio 9: A Brief Overview

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guitar-recordingVarious types of recording and mixing software have been on the market to consumers for a long time, but few have stood up to the test of time and stayed on the market very long. Imageline’s FL Studio 9 is definitely an exception. FL Studio began its life back in 1997 as a simple midi sequencer with very few options. Today the program is a full-fledged digital audio workstation capable of everything from simple demo tracks to full blown studio album projects. Read more

Guitar Pickup Tips and Tricks

January 21, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

guitar-pickups-tricks-tipsThe heart and soul of an electric guitar comes right down to the pickups. Pickups can be modified and adjusted to change the tone that your electric guitar produces. Messing around with your pickups can be quite the task, but with a little know how you can achieve a variety of tones. Some of these tips are simple adjustments that you can do yourself, while some of them might be a bit more difficult and require you to find someone skilled in the trade. Read more

NAMM 2011: Martin Guitar Pete Seeger Custom Editions

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Martin JSO! Sing Out Pete Seeger (6-string) and the Martin J12SO! Sing Out Pete SeegerNAMM 2011 — C.F. Martin & Co. is proud to announce the introduction of two new Custom Artist Edition guitars: the Martin JSO! Sing Out Pete Seeger (6-string) and the Martin J12SO! Sing Out Pete Seeger (12-string). Read more

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