VHT Sig:X Amplifier Head Review

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VHT Sig:X Amplifier Head ReviewNEARLY 20 YEARS AGO, VHT paved the road for the modern “super amp” category by combining a high-power output stage with three fully independent channels and an advanced switching system—along with a host of other groundbreaking features. The Sig:X extends that legacy with a truckload of fine-tuning features and enhanced versatility Read more

VHT Classic 6 Tube Guitar Amplifier

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VHT Classic 6 Tube Guitar AmplifierHarmony-Central–VHT announces the release of the Classic 6, a simple, low-wattage amp with a big sound. The Classic 6 has been carefully designed and tested in VHT’s Brisbane, CA workshop.

The design of the Classic 6 was inspired by stories of famous records that were recorded with a low-wattage single-ended amp that sounded gigantic. The Classic 6 is designed for players who want a sound that they can make their own. With this in mind, VHT designed the Classic 6 with a 12″ VHT Special Design speaker. The amp sounds great with the stock speaker, but VHT engineers based the design on the assumption that 12″ speakers are easiest to find, which allows for a broad range of customization options to reflect the player’s personal taste. The signal path is uncluttered and simple, and the output transformer was designed so that the amp could be turned up loudly without getting fried. Read more

VHT Lead 40 Tube Guitar Amplifier

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VHT Lead 40 gt2Harmony-Central–VHT announces the release of the Lead 40, a powerful 2-channel all-tube amp perfect for both classic and modern overdriven tube tones. The Lead 40 has been carefully designed and tested in VHT’s Brisbane, CA workshop.

The Lead 40 is a powerful 40 Watt RMS 2-channel amp with separate Clean and Overdrive channels. It has reverb and a master volume. Both channels have a shared EQ. VHT engineers have carefully voiced both channels so that they can effectively share the EQ. When switching channels, the frequency response is unaffected, so no EQ adjustment should be required when channel switching. Read more

VHT Standard 36 Hand-Wired Tube Head

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VHT Standard 36 Hand-Wired Tube HeadGuitarists looking for great tone that works with any speaker setup would do well to consider the new VHT Standard 36 hand-wired tube head. The Standard 36 is crafted in VHT’s workshop outside of San Francisco where VHT’s team of experienced designers put their magic touches on every amp the company creates.

The Standard 36 uses three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section and four EL84’s in the power amp section, along with a 5U4G rectifier. It has separate Tone and TMB channels with a master volume that controls both. The Standard produces complex tones with articulate highs and tight, focused lows with plenty of power on tap. The drive side maintains a lot of overtones along with enough mids and lows to create unique tones. The preamp and power amp are balanced and give out a cool combination of crunch and headroom. The amp is never harsh, has a great bottom, and cleans up very well with the guitars’ volume know, which is indicative of the way VHT wants their amps to work. Read more