Image-line FL Studio 9: A Brief Overview

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guitar-recordingVarious types of recording and mixing software have been on the market to consumers for a long time, but few have stood up to the test of time and stayed on the market very long. Imageline’s FL Studio 9 is definitely an exception. FL Studio began its life back in 1997 as a simple midi sequencer with very few options. Today the program is a full-fledged digital audio workstation capable of everything from simple demo tracks to full blown studio album projects. Read more

Famous Drum Sets No.1 – The Contraption

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As I began to think about how (and with whom) to start this column, something occurred to me… pianos. Pianos are exactly the same no matter who sits down to play them; none of the keys can be moved or added to, none of the pedals re-positioned or taken away. It is an instrument that is fixed and rigid; tuned to a standard set of notes and from one to another are all, in theory at least, the same. Read more