Musicvox Space Cadet and Kustom TR12L

November 20, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Kustom TR12L Guitar AmpHere’s a Pair for the comically inclined. The Musicvox gold-topped, 12-string Space Cadet lathers up some sweetly clean tones from its soapbar pickups. Although the trademark elephantitis headstock is exchanged for a compact Rickenbacker-style tuner arrangement, the overstuffed lower horn maintains Musicvox’s geek appeal. The vintage-style neck is fast and easy, and it effortlessly accommodates those extra strings, which sound fat and happy through the vibrant pickups. Low action, gold hardware and a thick, lush jangle make this the foxy 12-string you thought you couldn’t afford. Read more

Kustom Double Cross Guitar Amp Head

November 15, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Kustom Double CrossKustom got metal? Remember back in the day when you might recall those kind-of-weird yet kind-of-cool colorful car seat-like padded tuck-and-roll jobs? You know, the colorful /sparkly padded amps Creedence Clearwater Revival were known to use back in the late Sixties and early Seventies…

Much has changed since then. Behold Kustom’s newest world-class all-tube, 3-channel, 100-watt guitar amp, the Double Cross. This is one mean animal, and laughs at the inane thought of padding. The Double Cross platform consists of three uniquely voice channels: Rhythm, Lead I and Lead II. You can tweak each channel via four separate function switches, the four switches are located at the four end points of the “Cross” displayed on the control panel (stylin‘, huh?). What’s more, these switches work more than simple EQs; rather, they allow you to blend additional 12AX7 tube stages and alter the gain/EQ/attack structure of the preamps. The amp’s four functions can be activated, omitted and blended in any combination to your personal taste. So, not only does this amp have style, it has flexibility. Nice, we like that! Read more