Metallica Enter Sandman Guitar Tab

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Metallica Enter Sandman Guitar TabSo you want to learn guitar? Why not start off with one of the all-time greats, which is also a song on our ‘easy guitar songs for beginners‘ list. “Enter Sandman” is a song by Californian heavy metal band Metallica. Produced by legendary producer, Bob Rock. Enter Sandman was released in 1991 as the lead single and the opening track of the band’s eponymous Black album. Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield wrote the song, and Hetfield scribbled the lyrics. Read more

Randall Kirk Hammett RM100KH MTS Review

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Randall RM100 Kirk Hammet
KIRK HAMMETT characteristically relies on a rock star—sized rack of amplifiers, preamps and custom-tweaked processors to generate his volcanic live sound. In the studio, this rack becomes a part of an even larger equation, where Hammett meticulously augments and shapes his iconic tones with a menagerie of specialized and vintage gear. If you haven’t guessed it, Guitar World’s first Hall of Fame inductee is an incurable tone hound that has lacked only one thing: an amplifier singularly capable of creating his current trademark tones and versatile enough to grow with Hammett’s changing tastes and needs.

Randall Amplification teamed with Hammett to devise this metalhead’s daydream amplifier after Anthrax’s Scott Ian raved to Hammett about his and Dimebag Darrell’s positive experiences with Randall amps. It just so happens that Randall’s MTS (Modular Tube System) amplifiers are perhaps the ideal platform for Hammett’s amp, because they are famous for their high-end sound quality and allow for practically limitless expansion. Amp whiz Bruce Egnater pioneered this cleverly practical system where the preamp consists of removable tube-driven modules, each designed to achieve a specific tonal goal. Kirk’s Hammett’s signature series Randall MTS amplifier comes loaded with the three modules that he and Randall’s engineers crafted over an extensive research and development collaboration. Read more

History of Metallica – Biography Of The Band, The Monster, The Legend

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Metallica: James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Lars Ulrich, Ron McgovneyIt’s hard to keep a band together for a year. It’s rare to stay together for 10 years. 20 is amazing. And 30, well damn… that’s a miracle.

30 years ago, after a few ads in the local newspaper, and some wise firings, 4 nobodys formed what would be a thundering shockwave that would resonate throughout the musical community and rattle the very foundation of popular music. Metallica formed on October 15 1981. Read more

ESP KH-2 SE and LTD KH-SE Kirk Hammett Signature models

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esp_ltd-kirk-hammett-kh-2-kh-se-guitarsESP / LTD Guitars — Another limited edition Kirk Hammett (lead guitarist of Metallica) Signature Series model is also being introduced in 2011. The ESP KH-2 SE and LTD KH-SE are special edition guitars that will be limited to just 100 and 300 pieces worldwide respectively. Read more

Randall MTS RM100KH Kirk Hammett Guitar Amplifier

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Randall MTS RM100KH Kirk HammettRandall knew what they were doing when they decided to collaborate with the guitarist from Metallica, Kirk Hammett to create the RM100KH Limited Edition Half Stack. Hammett is known for his legendary guitar work, leads and the sounds he is capable of manipulating, the hype surrounding the new series of MTS amplifiers. Hammett helped design and perfected the RM100KH. Read more

Metallica vs. Megadeth

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Metallica vs. Megadeth

Metallica and Megadeth are both thrash metal pioneers who helped usher in the modern era of heavy metal and both bands have enjoyed great success and popularity amongst rock music fans the world over. The question before us today is simply which band is better, which is a subject sure to cause much controversy and discussion. Both bands are part of the Big Four (along with Anthrax and Slayer) that redefined metal music in the 1980’s and provided an alternative to the many hairspray-addicted bands that dominated the radio during that time. Both bands have maintained long careers and kept their identities and their fan bases through up and down periods and the inevitable lineup changes that most bands with such long histories must endure. Read more

ESP Iron Cross ESP James Hetfield Signature Guitar

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ESP Iron Cross James Hetfield GuitarMetallica’s rhythm guitarist and singer, James Hetfield, and ESP guitars collaborate to replicate a limited quantity ESP Iron Cross signature guitar. Based on Hetfield’s customized 1973 ‘Iron Cross’ Gibson Les Paul, ESP did a wonderful job with the relic finish to look exactly like James’ original Iron Cross. Read more

Metallica To Emphasize ‘Magnetic’ On Tour

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Lars Ulrich of MetallicaLars Ulrich of Metallica promises that fans will hear “a lot of new songs” from “Death Magnetic” on the band’s upcoming tour, which begins production rehearsals this coming Monday in San Francisco and kicks off October 21 in Glendale, Ariz.

These new songs are a lot of fun to play,” says Ulrich. “Traditionally I think we’ve been a little conservative when we’ve started off with two songs, three songs (from the new album). We’re going to hit the ground running here. We’re probably gonna learn all of them and play, I hope, at least five a night and probably rotate ’em so we get a lot of new songs in. That’s one thing I’m definite about.”

Metallica is happy to have dates booked as late of August of 2009, will again be playing in the round, though Ulrich says the production will be “a completely different thing than what we’ve done before.” He says that there will be “a big-ass fuckin’ lighting rig above us, and there’s some pretty cool stuff up there. There’ll be some shit that turns on and off and some shit that blows up… the usual stuff.”

Ulrich says the band is also similarly enthused about the reception to “Death Magnetic,” Metallica’s first set of new material since 2003’s “St. Anger.” The album topped The Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks and has sold a million copies already in the U.S. and 2.5 million around the world.

It’s just an overwhelming, positive thing,” Ulrich says. “You couldn’t have told me a month ago or six months ago that we would have a record that would be this well-received. It seems like it’s so universal this time and it’s all over the world and everybody’s so into it on so many different levels–the fans, press, the peers… everybody.”

I’m a little overwhelmed, humbled… and certainly appreciative. When you put out a record twice a decade, which is kind of what we find ourselves doing these days, you bask in it a little bit.”

Of course you are Lars, you’re selling lots of albums and have shows booked into August 2009. Glad the album is a success.


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Kirk Hammett talks Gear and Sound for Death Magnetic

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Kirk Hammett ESP MetallicaWhen Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist of Metallica, was asked about his gear and tone for their new Death Magnetic album, this is what he had to say.

“I’ve added more midrange to my over sound. I can still appreciate my original scooped sound, but I need to feel the ground shake when I hit a chord. It hasn’t been any radical change in gear as much as it’s been a change in EQ. For Death Magnetic I used what I always use, which is my standard touring rack, which is filled with some [Mesa] Boogie stuff and a Marshall that I’ve had forever. I also used the new Randall amp that I helped design and Greg Fidelman, our engineer, turned James [Hetfield] and me onto Ampeg heads. Ampegs made incredible guitar heads in the early Nineties and then stopped. And I don’t know why. The one we used had a nice clean, warm sound, and it blended well with the other amps that were in the studio. Read more