TASCAM US-1641 and US-2000 Hands-On Review

May 27, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

TASCAM US-1641 and US-2000 Hands-On ReviewTASCAM has been making recording gear longer than most people reading this have been alive, so they know their audio processing, and they know how to design devices that successfully combine audio fidelity, build quality, and user-friendly design. Two TASCAM interfaces continue that tradition by providing low-cost recording solutions that fulfill a variety of audio and MIDI interfacing needs.

For under $300, the US-1641 will amply supply most home and project studios with all the audio and MIDI ins and outs they could ever use. Using USB 2.0 (a standard feature on every modern laptop and desktop computer), the US-1641 can bring 16 channels of high-resolution audio and 16 MIDI channels into and out of your computer. For a little more money (under $200 more), the US-2000 provides superior sonic quality and a couple of extra features, while leaving out the MIDI aspect, figuring that the prospective buyer already has at least one solution for that. Read more

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System Hands-on Review

April 1, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar SystemGuitarists have dreamed of wireless freedom since about two minutes after the first instrument cable was plugged in, tethering them to their amplifier. In the early days of rock and roll, wireless was something that could only be dreamed of and was as much science fiction as space travel. In recent decades, however, instrument wireless has come a long way and has gone from analog to digital and from expensive to affordable. Read more