Pearl VSX Artisan II Special Edition Drumset

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Pearl VSX Artisan II Special Edition DrumsetPearl will debut a Special Edition Vision VSX shell pack in the summer of 2010. This drumset will feature a luxurious Artisan II finish using Pearl’s exclusive Digital Grain Transfer technology. This particular kit is finished in Ebony Feathered Walnut. Read more

Whitney Drums Nesting Penguin 16 Drum Set

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Whitney Drums Nesting Penguin 16 Drum SetIf you’re of a certain age you remember a time when single headed tom-toms were in fashion and whether or not you want to admit it, you’re probably guilty of stacking the smaller toms inside the bigger ones at one time or another. It’s OK, we’ve all done it. The fact is, stacking the drums inside one another just kinda, well…made sense. They took up less space and were easier to carry too. But tastes change and thankfully for anyone with ears, double-sided toms (and bass drums for that matter) came back into style. It seemed that our nasty habit of transporting our drums inside one another and scuffing them all up had been kicked. Welcome to your new jones… Read more

Tama introduces birch Superstar drums

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Tama introduces birch Superstar drumsFor 2010 Tama upgrades its line of Superstar drums with a 100% birch shell. Tama’s highest priority in producing the Superstar series was sound, and the full, powerful character and rich resonance of the new Superstar drums were achieved by utilizing carefully selected 100% birch shells. Read more

Trick Drum Company OCC Drum Kit

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Trick Drum Orange County Choppers Drum KitWhere does innovation come from? Is it a magical drawing board, a folded cocktail napkin in a coat pocket, a late night spit-ball session in a conference room? Why does advanced design speak to us so fluently? Is it the art of it, the timeless style, or the quality in the craft as we hold it in our hands? When does the ancient, simple and humble drum begin to push the envelope of its technology? Read more

Mapex Horizon Series Drums

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Mapex Horizon Series DrumsMapex USA announced the introduction of Horizon, an entirely new drum series for 2010. The all-basswood drums feature newly designed appointments, including lugs, mounts, badges, and bass drum claws. Read more

Pork Pie Lil’ Squealer Drum Kit

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pork-pie-little-squealer-drum-kit-percussionYou may be familiar with Pork Pie drums. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the custom drum builder was born as a direct reaction to drums that seemed to be snapped together on massive factories with limited options for the working drummer. Read more

Ludwig Bun E. Carlos Signature Drum kit

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Ludwig Bun E. Carlos Signature Drum kitIn recent years it has become quite fashionable to market drum gear under the guise of a well known drumming star’s “signature” Whether it’s a drum, cymbal or a full on double-bass mega-kit, It’s like buying a baseball-bat with “Babe Ruth” or “Willie Mays’’ burned into the hilt. Read more

Ludwig Legacy Exotic Drums

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Ludwig Legacy Exotic DrumsLudwig Introduces New Legacy Exotic Drums – Applying drum shell-crafting technology refined over a century, Ludwig’s flagship professional drum line is advancing to the next level. With the company’s 100th Anniversary year, Ludwig introduces the all-new Legacy Exotic, a stunning recreation to a modern classic. Read more

Pearl Forum Drum set w/ White Color and Black Drum Hardware

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Pearl Forum Drum kitPearl’s Forum kit… Ready-Set-Go! This kit is the complete Package, providing the ultimate quality from an all-inclusive drumset package on the market, which now features #33 Pure White finish with Black Drum Hardware. This distinctive color option is sure to catch the attention of all fellow drummers and non-drummers alike!

Pearl’s Forum Drum set package includes absolutely everything you will need to get started on your path to drumming ecstasy, including a set of high-quality cymbals, a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks, a sturdy drum throne, and even a free DVD with all of the set-up, tuning, and instructional pointers you’ll need to help get you started. Read more