Top Ten Famous Guitars

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Jimmy Page GuitarIt’s no secret that each major religion has a group of artifacts that its followers hold a high respect for. We guitar players have the same artifacts that we respect. The main difference is that ours can be used to raise fists and get laid. Well, Gear-Vault has put together a list of said guitars, so let’s take a look at what many guitar players say are the holy of holies; the top ten most famous guitars, in no particular order. Read more

Pink Floyd – Dark Side Still Echoes After 38 years

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Pink Floyd On The RunThe Dark Side of the Moon is widely recognized as one of the most definitive, ground breaking albums of the 1970’s progressive rock movement, and of all time. Remaining on the billboard charts for 741 weeks (over 14 years), it is the longest reigning billboard album to date. This is for good reason, because it’s an incredible masterpiece, right down to its’ infamous prism design on the cover. We celebrate the anniversary of its US release on today, March 10th, nearly 40 years after its conception. Read more