Charvel Guitars: Desolation DST and DX Guitars are the Sexx

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Charvel Desolation DST and DX guitars offer a variety of features and finishes prized by discerning players everywhere, and both deadly models deliver the devastating tone, killer looks and high-performance playability that separate the Desolation series from all others. Read more

Charvel Announces New Guitars

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charvel-guitars-namm-2010 PRESSER–Charvel is proud to unveil a new stable of high-performance guitars for 2010, consisting of a reptilian artist signature model, a scorching pair of San Dimas Style 1 guitars and the next round of USA Production Model custom colors. Read more

Charvel San Dimas Style 2 Guitar Video Review

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Charvel San Dimas Style 2 Guitar

Wayne Charvel set up what was to become a legendary repair and customizing facility there in the mid-seventies, initially in San Dimas before moving to Glendora in 1980.

Although the name seems, on the face of it, to owe its existence largely to the skills of Wayne Charvel, it should be noted that the history books show that Grover Jackson did as much as anyone to keep the brand afloat back in the day.

We’ve on several occasions written of the time when a young Edward Van Halen walked into Wayne’s repair shop in 1974 and put together an instrument from a Boogie Bodies neck and body upon which he’d go on to virtually reinvent the electric guitar, but it’s the feel, the tone and the vibe that was inherent within the vast majority of guitars bearing the distinct logo of Charvel Manufacturing that caught the imagination of so many players. Read more