British Amplifiers Reissue Watkins Dominator

July 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

British-Amplifiers-Reissue-Watkins-DominatorBritish Amplifiers are happy to reveal that a limited edition Golden Anniversary reissue of the world famous Watkins Dominator V Front guitar amplifier has been released.

In celebration for 50 years of the Watkins Dominator, Charlie Watkins of WEM Watkins has licensed a assembly of only 100 of these legendary amplifiers to be crafted by British Amplifiers in a strikingly beautiful “Golden Anniversary” livery. Each of these special Dominators carries Charlie Watkins name personally signed on both the chassis and a letter of authenticity made out to each new owner. It is anticipated that with such provenance, these reissue will itself become extremely collectible items of musical history in the future. Read more