G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage Guitar

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G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage Guitar
Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is one of the most respected and influential players to emerge from the grunge movement of the early 1990’s and has maintained a presence in the guitar community long after many of his contemporaries ceased being relevant. Most in our world identify Cantrell with the beat-to-death G&L Rampage he has played for most of his career. Read more

Godsmack Smack Attack

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GodSmack Sully Erna playing Gibson Les PaulWho says you need a big budget, a hotshot producer or a fancy, gazillion-track studio to make a hit record? Not Godsmack, a Boston-based band that sounds more like Seattle (their name actually comes from an Alice in Chains song). Godsmack’s selft-titled major label debut originated as a self-produced demo recorded back in 1996 for just $2,500—which the band had to borrow from a friend. Read more