Guitar Smashing Tips: How To Destroy Your Instrument

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smashing-your-guitar-axe-smashingYou are true blue musician, a lover of all things sound related, and a consummate professional. Naturally, you’re going to want to destroy your guitar or instrument as part of your live show. Read more

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners

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Good Acoustic Guitar Songs For BeginnersWhether you’ve been playing the guitar for years or you’re just beginning to pick it up for the first time, pretty much anybody can recognize good acoustic guitar songs and appreciate them for their simple beauty. Unfortunately, not all acoustic guitar songs are all that easy to play. You have to master more than just chord progression and rhythm; the key to good acoustic guitar songs is the passion and drive that you play each of the acoustic guitar songs with. Read more

Online Guitar Tabs vs Playing Guitar By Ear

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Guitar Tabs vs. Playing Guitar By EarAs a guitar instructor, I routinely deal with students trying to learn songs they want to play. After all, that’s the whole point of this thing of ours, right? The thing that I notice over and over, however, is the increasing dependence of most students on some sort of online tab website to provide the details on how a given song is played, rather than learning the song in the time-honored play-along-with-the-record ear-based method. When I talk to students about this Read more

Top 5 Easy Rock Riffs To Play on Guitar

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guitar riffs to play on guitarUsually when someone proclaims the “best guitar riffs”, it usually stirs up the most controversy, but most guitarists will agree that some of the easiest riffs are the most melodic. Some riffs are, however, so significant to the song, they can be called the best, and in this article we’ll discuss the riffs that are the most significant in rock music. Read more

No Guitar Effects Fix Bad Sound

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Zoom Guitar effects g1Even the best signal processor can’t make up for a bad guitar sound.

Too often engineers and producers tell worried guitar players, “We’ll fix it in the mix,” or, “I know it sounds a little funny now, but we’ll sprinkle some fairy dust on it and it’ll sound killer.” Statements such as these are, in my humble opinion, a crock. There are many things you can do to a bad guitar sound—you can flange it, EQ it, play backwards or bury it in reverb—but 99 percent of the time you’ll just end up with a bad guitar sound that’s been flanged, EQed, played backwards and buried in reverb. Read more


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learn how to play easy power chordsHey Gear Vault readers! It’s been a while since I have written anything new for the site and I am very happy to be back here with you. My new project is a series of guitar lesson articles and videos aimed at helping you improve your basic guitar skills and get you well on your way to being the plank-spanking maniac you’ve always dreamed of becoming. These guitar lessons will cover the basic vocabulary of the guitar and some essential concepts that we all need to know. Learning this material will get you ready for the stage, which is where I like my students to be, and will help you build the confidence you need to get up there. Read more

Hallelujah Chords w/ Tab and Lyrics – Jeff Buckley Version

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Halleluja Chords Jeff Buckley

Hallelujah Chords The Easy Way

This is a magnificent song off Buckley’s debut 1994 “Grace” album. The original was by Leonard Cohen. However, we transcribed ‘Hallelujah‘ from Jeff Buckley’s version.

Guitars at Musician's Friend

The Leonard Coen hallelujah has had a slight resurgence in the last few years with over 100 cover versions performed by such artists such as Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Rufus Wainwright, and Bono just to name but a few.

As for which version of the song is better, well, I guess we’ll leave that up for you to decide. But for this latest resurgence of a 24 year old work, it must be the Cohen Hallelujah. After been swindled out of millions by his manager he’ll certainly appreciate the paycheck. To that, I’m sure he’ll say… “hallelujah“. Read more

Private Guitar Tutor vs Online Guitar Lessons – Which Is Best?

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user rockmixer

Photo courtesy of Flickr user rockmixer

Learning guitar online has become very popular these days, and as we see the online guitar lessons is becoming the wave of the future. You can compare it to the distance learning programs. The online lessons for guitar have made it very convenient to learn, for some it can create a perfect learning environment but some may not find is as much productive as the personal coaching. Although having guitar lessons in person have its advantages, but today’s technology has made it possible to get the same experience with online lessons for guitar, the online lessons are not any less than the personal lesson when it comes to the quality of teaching. Read more

Learning to Play Songs on the Guitar

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playing the guitarKnowing how to play songs that are popular and recognizable is something every novice guitar player wants to do. Being able to impress your friends by playing one of your favorite tunes is an amazing feeling. I’m sure everyone has fantasized about being a huge rock star and playing in front of thousands of screaming fans at least once in their life.

Most of us won’t ever get the chance to play in front of thousands of people but it can be just as satisfying to learn some songs and play them in front of a smaller crowd. Eventually this will lead to you creating your own original songs, but for now it’s good practice to learn songs from other musicians. This will really help you understand some of the things involved in crafting a good song. Read more

Guitar Songs That Makes It Easy To Learn Guitar

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easy guitar songsLearning to play guitar takes lots of practice, patience and skill as well. In fact, according to experts the guitar is among the instruments that are very tough to learn and truly master it.  Many people first thinks that they can pick a guitar, a book, few guitar songs and teach themselves. But once they find that it is not as easy as they thought, they become discouraged and leave it. But that’s not the way to learn it, you can learn to play guitar easily if you know how to start. Read more

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