Learn and Master Guitar

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learn-and-master-guitar-instructionalPeople learn how to play the guitar in many different ways. Those of us who started as kids very often walked the traditional path of weekly book lessons, note reading, recitals, and all the rest. While that is an excellent way to learn, as people move through their lives it becomes a much more difficult way to go as their schedules and other commitments get in the way. Folks in this situation often turn to self-instruction as an alternative to formal study, but there are many print and video courses that promise great things to those trying to self-teach and not all of them deliver the goods they claim. Read more

The Tone Kings live Webcast show 2 minutes to midnight

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TTK NAMMAnnouncement–TTK’s has a live show every last Friday of the month, starting at 2 minutes to midnight (ET, GMT-5). Link to the show is can be found here — be sure to join THE TONE KING LIVE —

In this Episode, The Tone King will talk about Guitars, Guitar Amps, Effects, and everything / anything else music. He is also giving a special announcement about Gear-Vault! Read more

Rudiment Round-Up – Episode 1: Why you need ‘em! An introduction

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Rudiment Round-Up
Episode 1: Why you need ‘em! An introduction

Well partners, this, I‘m afraid, is something that I encounter far too often in the real world… maybe some of you do too. You’re minding your own business, picking up a new pair of sticks and a fruit shaker at the local Guitar HQ when, all of a sudden, you’re under siege by some twenty-something hipster in skinny jeans who thinks he’s being artful (and obstinate about it) when in reality, he’s just whacking off in public. You’re helpless; it’s just like 3rd grade grammar class when your teacher picked the “slow kid” to read all you can do is stand there and take it. I realize that no one reading this would ever freely admit to committing such a vulgar display of public fugga-duggaery. But (just between us) if you’re reading this and want to free yourself from the limits of your own expression, there is a good place to start. Rudiments! Read more

Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder Review

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Zoom Q3 Handy Video RecorderThere is no doubt that the emergence of YouTube has forever altered how we all make, teach, and discover music. These days, if you aren’t doing it on video, you’re just not doing it. Thusly, some sort of camcorder has become part of just about everyone’s kit and many of us are always on the lookout for a machine that does its thing easier and cheaper. Read more

Digitech RP-1000 Modeling Guitar Processor Review

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Digitech RP-1000 Modeling Guitar Processor Review
Guitar effects have really come a long way in recent years. Both multi-effects/modeling units and individual stompboxes are normal and every-day parts of many guitarists’ arsenal of tones these days and players are getting used to this high degree of flexibility and are always looking for more. Enter the new Digitech RP1000. Read more

Ludwig Bun E. Carlos Signature Drum kit

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Ludwig Bun E. Carlos Signature Drum kitIn recent years it has become quite fashionable to market drum gear under the guise of a well known drumming star’s “signature” Whether it’s a drum, cymbal or a full on double-bass mega-kit, It’s like buying a baseball-bat with “Babe Ruth” or “Willie Mays’’ burned into the hilt. Read more

QSC K Series Active Loudspeaker Review

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QSC K Series Active LoudspeakerCould this be the speaker everyone has been waiting for?

QSC is marketing the new K Series as “The New Standard.” After spending some time with these speaker and putting them through their paces, I might have to agree that the bar has just been set higher than ever before in the category of portable active loudspeakers. Read more

G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage Guitar

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G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage Guitar
Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is one of the most respected and influential players to emerge from the grunge movement of the early 1990’s and has maintained a presence in the guitar community long after many of his contemporaries ceased being relevant. Most in our world identify Cantrell with the beat-to-death G&L Rampage he has played for most of his career. Read more

Roland V-Drum Series – Electric Drum Kit

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Roland V-Drum Series - Electric Drum Kit roland_TD20SX
Roland V-Drum Presser — The all new Roland V-Pro Series TD-20SX makes a bold statement with sight, sound and function. Stylish, versatile and built like a tank. Read more

Which Taylor Acoustic Guitar?

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Taylor Acoustic Guitar 914ce
Taylor Guitars Presser — When it comes to finding the right acoustic guitar, a good place to start is with body shape. The right shape will complement your playing style and help you sound your best. Taylor Guitars virtually have every shape for every type of player. Read more

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