Maxon Reissue Series Effects Pedals

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Maxon Analog Delay Effects Pedal ReissueThe Maxon’s converted product line from the Seventies is being reissued, beginning with four models. Originally released in 1979, the Maxon OD808 Overdrive employs the IC chip of the original unit to create a vacuum tube-style overdrive, its smooth, creamy crunch tone caught on quickly, and helped to launch a long line of predecessors as well as imitators. While the D&S Distortion and Sustainer produces transistor distortion with tones that range from subtle overdrive to extreme fuzz. The AD80 Analog Delay creates 10-300ms of warm analog delay time, and the PT999 Phase Tone produces intense phasing with low-noise design and a wide dynamic range. List prices are as follows: OD808, $185.00; D&S Distortion and Sustainer, $180.00; AD80, $335.00; PT999, 190.00.

Vintage 1966 Blackface Fender Reverb

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Blackface Fender Pro ReverbFender Deluxe Reverb and the Fender Super Reverb are snuggle up right in with one another. Starting with the 1960’s Fender Pro Reverb amp offers a nice answer when the Deluxe’s volume isn’t loud enough for your application and the Super Reverb is way loud. The smaller output transformer and 2 x 12″ speaker combo format make the vintage Fender Blackface amp resonate earlier on the volume control and offers a very versatile tonescape. The flexibility of the Pro Reverb makes this amp just right for country, rock and, of course, blues music. The Fender Pro Reverb configuration is just right for stage or studio work. We have seen many of these across the scope and very much appreciate the Blackface. The Fender Pro Reverb are really cool amps and makes us wonder why it wasn’t more popular among other Fender Blackface groupies. Check out the video below. Read more

Marshall Super Lead 100 – Jimi Hendrix Setup

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Marshall 1959SLP Plexi

I bought a used Marshall Super Lead 100-watt reissue. It has four inputs: two labeled “I” and tow labeled “II”. It looks just like the Marshalls Jimi Hendrix is seen playing in some concert photos. In one of those photos, I’ve noticed Hendrix had more than one cord plugged into his amp’s inputs. Please tell me what he was doing with all those guitar cords hanging out of his amp, what all those inputs are for and, in your opinion, what the best-sounding input on this amp is.

Dan Mallory

Older Marshalls like Hendrix played and the one you’ve purchased are known as “non-master volume” amps. Instead of a master volume, they have an overall volume control on each channel. Channel “I” is brighter and more ‘trebly’ sounding, while channel “II” is darker and better suited for bass guitar or a bassier guitar tone. Furthermore, each channel has a high and low input. The high input was designed to be a ‘hotter’ and better suited lead tone, while the low input, being not as sensitive as the high input, is better suited to rhythm playing. Although these were the intentions of the designers, in reality most people use the high inputs whether lead or rhythm.

As for all those guitar chords, chances are Hendrix was either “cross channeling” (or daisy chaining) multiple heads together. Cross channeling enables you to use bother channels of the amp at the same time, resulting in a fuller tone range. With cross channeling, volume ‘I’ acts as your treble volume and volume ‘II’ acts as your bass volume. Hendrix was also able to hook up multiple heads by daisy chaining them together and passing his signal from one input to another.

As for which input sounds best, although on occasion you might find one of the other inputs the perfect choice for the tone you’re trying to create. As always, there are no rules when it comes to personal taste.

Vintage Marshall Super Lead 100

Shopping for Furious Guitar Tones

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Vintage Maestro pedalsAttention. Gear-Vault Shoppers: the next time you bid on a Maestro Filter / Sampler & Hold pedal, you may find yourself up against Nigel Pulsford [former guitarist of Bush]. Be prepared—when it comes to gear, the man is one serious shopper. Read more

Danelectro Dan-Echo, Cool Cat, Daddy-O and Fab-Tone pedals

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Danelectro Vintage Effects PedalsThe classic-looking effects boxes created under the revive Danelectro moniker have been among the most well-received musical products in recent memory. It’s easy to understand why: Danelectro has reproduced popular vintage tones in four reasonably priced and good-sounding pedals. Featuring quality construction and killer design, these units were made to look as good as they sound. Read more