Who Slaughtered Your Beloved Classic Rock Song?

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classic rock songs
What makes a classic rock song? Is it the legendary era it was born? The fact that you know within the first two beats that this is YOUR SONG!?! The fact that time slows down and the world shuts up followed by the inevitable yet involuntary foot tapping/head banging as you Crank it Up? Maybe, that spark that keeps you Rockin’ Out to it in your brain all day? There’s No Way anyone could perform your Jam better! Are YOUR favorite classic rock songs untouchable?

Let’s consider Limp Bizkit’s cover of The Who’sBehind Blue Eyes.” There was nothing particularly different or special about the song to make it unforgettable. Honestly, their mediocre at best cover sounds like a last-minute studio track filler. Fred Durst lacks the emotion and passion Roger Daltry brings to the table in the original version. To top it off, the best part of the song was cut out completely! Overall, an anticipated disappointment. Read more

Keith Richards – Guitarist of The Rolling Stones

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keith-richards-guitarist-the-rolling-stonesRolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time, so of course everyone should be familiar with this band. You have heard their music, you watched their biography on VH1, and you probably even see people wearing a Rolling Stones logoed t-shirts every day. It is safe to say that this band has made themselves into something bigger than life. Read more

Fight Club – Original vs. Cover Bands

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cover_vs_original_bandOne of the biggest divides in this thing of ours is between those who play their own original material and those who play other people’s songs in cover bands. If you believe the arguments that continually rage on the forums and on craigslist, original bands are made up of self-indulgent wankers that really believe their take on the two-note power chord will land them on the cover of Rolling Stone Read more

Roger Mayer reveals History of Hendrix, Page and Beck

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Roger Mayer and Jimmi HendrixWhat do Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and submarine warfare have in common? A stomp box maker by the name of Roger Mayer. Read more