John Lennon’s Tooth Sells for 31k at Auction

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John Lennon ToothWe’ve all seen some bizarre items owned by celebrities that have been sold at auction. Britney Spears’ napkin, Justin Timberlake’s breakfast scraps….the list goes on, and gets weirder.

But this one surely takes the cake for celebrity obsession (and intrusion).

A certain tooth, (that’s right, a tooth) was sold at auction on Saturday, formerly belonging to none other than ex-beatle John Lennon. Read more

Gretsch George Harrison Signature Duo Jet Guitar Review

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Guitar ReviewsFans of George Harrison may well remember the guitar he was holding on the cover of his Cloud Nine record: a black ’57 Gretsch Duo Jet. When the Gretsch Company decided to honor the legendary guitarist with a signature guitar, it was this Gretsch Duo Jet they chose to re-create. Read more

Ringo Starr Drums to Become a Museum Item

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ringo-starrs-gold-plated-ludwig-snare-drumRingo Starr — New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is recognized for its celebrated exhibitions of iconic visual musicians, most of them deceased, but also plenty of alive ones who’ve attained high-rating status of their profession. Read more

A guide to vintage British amplifiers

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Vintage guitar amplifiers

I’ve been interested in vintage American amplifiers for a long time. But recently, while surfing on the internet, my curiosity for classic British amplifiers was piqued. While practically everyone knows about Marshalls and Voxes, I’ve found some amp lines—like Selmer and Watkins and a few others from the Sixties—that are relatively obscure here in America. I’d like to know what some of these amps sound like and what well-known players have used them. Can you suggest any reference or resource materials that can give me information about these mysterious amps?


Dude, you are in luck! A friend recently sent me a totally cool CD from the U.K. called Ampaholics, The Vintage Collection—Volume One. Compiled by a British amp enthusiast over a two-year period, Ampaholics is a virtual “tone dictionary” of what 17 pre-1970 British amps sound like. Each amp is recorded “flat”—with no eq—to give you the purest and most accurate representation of what these amps made famous by Clapton, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Who and others sound like. Read more