Guitar Songs That Makes It Easy To Learn Guitar

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easy guitar songsLearning to play guitar takes lots of practice, patience and skill as well. In fact, according to experts the guitar is among the instruments that are very tough to learn and truly master it.  Many people first thinks that they can pick a guitar, a book, few guitar songs and teach themselves. But once they find that it is not as easy as they thought, they become discouraged and leave it. But that’s not the way to learn it, you can learn to play guitar easily if you know how to start. Read more

The Steve Miller Band: Bingo! album REVIEW

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Steve Miller BingoMost fans of popular music know guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Steve Miller as the leader of The Steve Miller Band, who hit after hit in the wild and wooly 1970’s. There was a time when it was hard to turn a radio on without hearing one or more of Miller’s iconic and groovy numbers, from “Fly Like An Eagle” to “The Joker” to “Take The Money And Run”. While those songs will always be in rotation on classic rock radio stations the world over, many fans might not realize that it has been 17 years since Miller has released a new studio album. Well, Miller’s faithful will be happy that the wait is officially over. Read more

Downloading Illegal Music: A Vote Against

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Downloading Illegal Music: A Vote Against | P2P DownloadsMany are up in arms about the woman from Minnesota who is being fined $80,000 per song that she posted to a file-sharing network. Many feel the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, that it is too extreme. I, your humble Gear-Vault scribe, am not one of those and would like to present some points for all to ponder, no matter what side of the fence you may be on. Read more

Band Rehearsal 101 – Don’t Waste My Time

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How to play guitarSooner or later, it happens: band practice. For many people, rehearsal, or “re-hassle”, is a necessary evil, one that must be endured in order to get that glorious stage time that they (and their girlfriends) live for. Very often, however, rehearsal time seems like an exercise in futility, indecision, or intoxication and many bands practice over and over and never get any better. Why is that? I think it mostly happens because many players aren’t totally clear on what a rehearsal should be and what should be happening when the band gets together. I, your humble scribe, will try to give you, my faithful readers, an idea of what a productive band practice includes and what you should have together to maximize the time that the band is in the same room so that the time you have is put to its best use. I have short list of band commandments that, if followed, will be a big step towards getting your bands’ sound closer to where you want it to be. Read more

Coldplay Rips Off Joe Satriani – Satch Sues

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Coldplay Rips Off Joe SatrianiYou just don’t screw around with the guitar gods. And UK band Coldplay, who have just released their latest song ‘Viva la Vida‘, are learning the hard way. According to NME, Coldplay have been sued by his royal baldness, American guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, who claims that the band’s latest hit borrows a bit too much from his 2004 song ‘If I Could Fly‘, from his album ‘Is There Love in Space?’. Read more