Ernie Ball Music Man Rewrites Guitar History – Game Changer

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ErnieBall_MusicMan game changer

Premier Manufacturer Announces The Game Changer, In Addition to New String Offerings, John Petrucci Guitar and Ultra-Portable Gig Bag Amplifier

NAMM 2011 — Ernie Ball Music Man, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of strings, instruments and guitar accessories, including the iconic Slinkys guitar string line, today announced that it will unveil The Game Changer, a ground-breaking, all analog pickup switching system that unlocks an extensive library of natural guitar tones previously unavailable in traditional pickup technology. Available in select Reflex guitar and bass models in 2011, this progressive innovation leads a host of new and exciting products Ernie Ball is set to launch at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show.

New Ernie Ball Music Man products are Read more

Sterling by Music Man SB14 Electric Bass Guitar

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Sterling by Music Man SB14 Electric Bass Guitar

The Sterling line by Music Man is designed to deliver classic Music Man vibe and performance at recession-friendly prices. The new Sterling SB14 electric bass is an excellent example of this idea and is a worthy choice for anyone considering a new bass while on the same old budget. The SB14 is built on a basswood body that is small, comfortable, and delivers great sustain. It has a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, open gear tuners, and, of course, the distinctive 3-and-one Music Man headstock shape, along with a satin finish (the body is done in gloss). Read more

Fender Story: Leo Fender Stratocaster Invention 1954

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Fender Strat 1954

Contined on from Leo Fenders invention Broadcaster Article — The third of Fender’s epoch-defining trinity of early guitar designs came in 1954. The impetus for the Stratocaster arose, George Fullerton says, from a demand by Fender’s sales department for an instrument with a vibrato arm. Leo gave them not only that but also a gorgeously contoured refinement of the Telecaster slab body. Like Eames chairs or Gilbert Rohde clocks, the Fender Stratocaster is today recognized as a landmark of mid-century design. The Tele’s sophisticated younger sister helped establish a distinctive Fender tone, which Leo Fender continued to refine right up until the day he sold Fender to CBS in 1965, and continued to pursue in his later guitar and amp designs for Music Man and G&L. Read more