ESP Guitars: History of ESP Guitars

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History of ESP GuitarsElectric Sound Products (ESP) Company was created in the year 1975 by Hisatake Shibuya, a resident as well as a businessman from Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya started as a manufacturer and a producer for the replacement parts of guitars. This firm was very well known for the high-quality parts. After a year of gaining such reputation, ESP started to engage with the designing and creation of guitars. ESP entered the Japanese market, later expanded and took their chances into the global market of guitar industry. Entering the US market in the year 1983, ESP Company started designing for local artists in New York from 1984 to 1985 where they had already introduced about 400 Series as their primary introduction of products in the US market.

Among the local artists were Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Page Hamilton of Helmet, Bruce Kulick of KISS, Vernon Reid of Living Colour and Vinnie Vincent. Creating and producing guitars for these artists was there effective way of becoming more popular with bands from other countries. At the same time, ESP Company also started to make the necks and bodies of Kramer. During a tour in Tokyo in the year 1986, George Lynch found out about ESP guitars when he walked into one of the shops, looked around for a replacement part and later, he found out that ESP Company is able to customize guitars. Read more

ESP LTD FX-260 Guitar Hands-On Review

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ESP LTD FX-260 Guitar Hands-On Review

LTD FX-260 Explorer-style axe hands-on review — the LTD FX-260 guitar feels like a weapon caressed to your body while playing. With its woodsy look, it might even spark a flashback to the days of Thai sticks, bell-bottom flares and chicks named Ivy and Moonpuppy. The natural grain and warm brown hue of the guitar’s spalted maple top and mahogany body kinda remind me of guitars produced in Canada when Elisha Cuthbert was still somewhat a virgin, but with its pointy, beveled Explorer-style body shape, black nickel hardware and EMG-ESP LH-300 pickups offer enough modern attraction to make metalheads give it the two-fingered devil-horn “I wanna rock” salute. Read more

ESP LTD H-300 Guitar Review

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ESP LTD H-300 Guitar ReviewESP was one of the first large shops to cater to the “Super Strat” customer. By focusing on the features most beloved by headbangers and setting fire to “vintage values,” they quickly established themselves as a first-class custom shop with the ability to translate the needs of heavy metal-influenced players into solid, yet glitzy instruments. Read more