Bass guitars – short scale basses aren’t just for kids…

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bass-guitar-short-scale-fender-bass-guitarBack in the late 60’s (sorry, most of that decade is a bit hazy…), I was in a recording studio on West Division Street in Chicago. It was a little store front setup, lotta shag carpeting, kinda dusty, and the (we figured) launching pad for our star studded career.

When we got there, a local Gospel group was behind the glass, workin’ on a tune. All the instruments were being recorded live; drums, guitar, bass… and when the band in the studio found out we had a keyboard player, it was drums, guitar, organ and bass. Read more

Boosey & Hawkes Hofner “Beatle” Bass Guitar

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Boosey & Hawkes Hofner Beatle Bass Guitar

Boosey & Hawkes Hofner “Beatle” bass in two models: In 1956, Walter Hofner had an idea for an amplified semi-acoustic bass. When it was brought to life, his idea resulted in a bass with a warm, woody, double-bass-like amplified tone. Players love it for its playing ease and its tone-one of the smoothest, sweetest sounds in all of bassland. Read more