Les Paul Innovations: The Man Behind The Music

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Les PaulThe world has seen many advances in music technology in recent years, but if you dig down about 80+ years ago, you’ll find a young curious boy tinkering with electronics. He would be the reason that the solid body guitar and multi-track recording exists. His name was Les Paul.

At the age of eight years old, Les Paul was interested in music, and started off playing the harmonica. Fast forward 11 years, and he was in Chicago, playing on the radio. Les had an avid ability to hear things that others did not, and appealed to listeners all around. Playing mostly country and jazz, Paul had always been playing on archtop guitars, because that’s all that existed. This would all change soon enough.

Les didn’t enjoy the sound of the archtops. The body resonated the sound of the strings too much, and made the instrument feedback when playing at louder volumes. He wanted to change that. Once he realized that a solid piece of wood would end this inconvenience, he invented what we now know as the Gibson Les Paul. The first version of the guitar was built in the Epiphone factory in 1940, and when Gibson decided to market it, it became an instant success. Without the Les Paul, who knows what Jimmy Page would have played… would it have been a Stratocaster? Read more

10 Years Interview with Guitarists Brian and Tater

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brian-tater-guitar-players-10-years10 Years Interview–Gear-Vault exclusive – 10 Years’ guitarists sits down with us for a full on interview. You can listen to the 10 Years interview live or read the transcript below. Guitarists Brian Vodinh is endorsed by Taylor Guitars and plays his Taylor Standards in stock form. While Ryan Johnson (aka Tater), on the other hand, plays Gibson Les Pauls with some interesting modifications… he pulls the neck pickup to give the guitar more sustain and crunch. His humbucker pickups are custom made and hand wound. Read more

Keith Richards – Guitarist of The Rolling Stones

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keith-richards-guitarist-the-rolling-stonesRolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time, so of course everyone should be familiar with this band. You have heard their music, you watched their biography on VH1, and you probably even see people wearing a Rolling Stones logoed t-shirts every day. It is safe to say that this band has made themselves into something bigger than life. Read more

Guitar Player or Guitar Collector – Which Are You?

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Guitar Player or Guitar Collector Guitarists, as most of us already know, are perhaps the most intense and obsessive of all musicians about their instrument and their relationship to it. This obsession normally manifests itself in one of two ways that have been identified and can be determined by the behaviors displayed by each player in turn. The two types are Players and Collectors. Read more