Tone Gear’s String Cleaner, Wristies, and Spider Capo

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ToneGear Spider CapoAre you a guitar player who’s been looking for the ultimate string cleaning tool that not only cleans the top of your strings but the sides and bottom? What about a capo that allows you to choose what strings you’d like to capo? Tone Gear answers your prayers as of right now! Read more

NAMM 2011: AweSome Hyper-Mod Telecaster Control Plate

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NAMM 2011 — This Hyper-Mod Telecaster Control Plate for all 2-pickup right- or left-hand instruments contains AweSome Musical Instruments’ revolutionary patented Pickup Tone Multiplier (PTM) switching system. With only three switches, this drop-in product lets you instantly get 100 percent more of the additional pickup tones that are silently hiding in your instrument. Because this product gives you twice as many pickup tones, you are better able to find that elusive signature sound you desperately want.

This completely wired PTM-enhanced black acrylic Telecaster Control Plate contains a stacked volume/tone pot and their 2-pickup PTM T-board and is made to fit a standard American Telecaster (or equivalent) body. It is designed to let you connect your two pickups and is easy to install with no soldering needed. Read more

Gibson Gear Announces Historic Spec Guitar Parts

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Gibson Guitar Parts and electric guitars SG
Gibson Gear — a division of Gibson Guitar, announced the availability of Gibson Historic Spec guitar parts available exclusively through authorized dealers. Because of the overwhelming demand, Gibson Gear has added several new historic parts which have never been offered before to their product line. These new products range from a Historic Potentiometer, Historic Toggle Switch Cap, Historic Knob Pointers, Historic Output Jack, Historic Toggle Switch Washer, Historic ’61 Truss Rod Cover, Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, Historic Spec Bumble Bee Capacitors, and the ever popular ’57 Classic Humbucker with 4-Conductor Wiring. Gibson Gear’s Historic Parts are directly based on the original specs of guitars used by such greats as Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, and Lenny Kravitz. Read more

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System Hands-on Review

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Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar SystemGuitarists have dreamed of wireless freedom since about two minutes after the first instrument cable was plugged in, tethering them to their amplifier. In the early days of rock and roll, wireless was something that could only be dreamed of and was as much science fiction as space travel. In recent decades, however, instrument wireless has come a long way and has gone from analog to digital and from expensive to affordable. Read more

Fender Statocaster Pickups and Sounds

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Fender Statocaster Pickups

I have a ’90 or ’91 second-hand Japanese Fender Strat. I love the guitar, but its sound is starting to wear on me. I’ve tried different amplifiers, pedals and everything, but it’s impossible to escape those thin, glassy, Clapton / Hendrix / Cobain wannabe tones. I want to sound like me. Read more

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PlusThe Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 provides 9-volt power for up to eight guitar pedal effects. The unit’s eight DC power cables are compatible with most commonly used pedals, and the Pedal Power also features an auxiliary AC outlet for convenient facilitation of AC-powered effects or MIDI foot controller. Each output is completely isolated, short circuit protected, highly filtered and regulated. Read more