Gibson Hendrix Strat – The Follow Up News

July 21, 2010 by · 7 Comments 

Gibson Hendrix Strat

Remember last fall when Gear-Vault broke the news about the Gibson Hendrix Strat? The controversy it caused was astounding. Soon after, we followed up with the post “Gibson Hendrix Strat – The People Are Pissed!“, to let your voices be heard. Subsequently, less than a month later Gibson Guitars felt the heat and removed all their content about the new Hendrix Stratocaster; everything just vanished into thin air. That prompted us to publish “Gibson Hendrix Strat – Operation: Cover-Up!“. Finally Gibson Guitars CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, came forward with some new information about the Gibson Hendrix guitar. He talks about why Gibson pulled the guitar from production and why they pulled it. He even sounds a tad bit disappointed by it. Read more

Gibson Hendrix Strat – Operation: Cover-Up

October 15, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

Alien Guitar PlayerRemember those old science fiction films where the government engages in massive cover-ups, like Hangar 18, for example.

–Or like the movie “Men In Black” when the secret government sends in two slick dressed men in black, and the notable gadget called the ‘Memory Eraser’ that the agents used to erase anyone’s recent memory who witnessed any alien interaction. Read more