Eddie Van Halen Wants Your Money

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EVH 5150 III Mini-Amp Head EVH Stealth Guitar This year’s NAMM show in Anaheim brought many new and innovative guitars and amps to a music scene that has been evolving at a dizzying pace over the past decade. Not open to the public, this inside-baseball convention caters to those who make their living selling instruments and equipment to the unwashed masses, so those who attended the show were probably quite ebullient about the new EVH Stealth and the EVH 5150 III mini-amp head. Read more

EVH 5150III Mini Amp – Big Head in a Small Box

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evh-5150iii-mini-amp-eddievanhalenNAMM 2011 — EVH 5150III Mini Amp heads deliver the sound–the incredible tones Eddie Van Halen has chased his whole life. The EVH 5150III Mini Amp is a triple-threat, 50-watt monster: a truly clean channel, a molten crunch-time channel and an off-the-scale overdrive channel you’re simply not gonna believe. In black and ivory, with an unmistakable look and sound that’s pure EVH amplification; a big head in a small box. Read more

NAMM 2011: EVH Wolfgang Stealth Guitar

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EVH Wolfgang Stealth GuitarThe Eddie Van Halen EVH Stealth and Wolfgang guitars, along with the 5150 III 50W amp, were unveiled this week at the 2011 NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show, a massive music-products convention that runs through Sunday. Read more

Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Guitar

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Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Guitar

Beginning in January 2009 there is going to be a new kid on the block: the new EVH Wolfgang electric guitar will be introduced to the world. Eddie Van Halen has been testing, researching, and developing this masterpiece for two years now. With Eddie’s 35 years of experience with guitars the all new EVH Wolfgang electric guitar is sure to be a crowd pleaser. During Van Halen’s 2007-2008 tour, the EVH Wolfgang was tested and approved from one the greatest guitar player’s of all time.

Van Halen’s massive 2007-2008 tour, gave Eddie the opportunity to perform hard core live “road testing” through performance trials. The tour started in the fall of 2007, Eddie experimented with early versions of the new EVH Wolfgang each night, jamming with every updated prototype onstage to adoring fans. The EVH Wolfgang reflects Eddie’s specifications and features of the Wolfgang guitars he plays and performs with. Read more