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Crown CE1000 Amplifier Review

September 21, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Crown CE1000 Amplifier

Crown is another name with a solid rep among pros the world over. The CE series seems designed for the first-time buyer or musician who has been forced to be a soundman without actually being a soundman. Hence the colorful, informative and sometimes even playful owner’s manual, chock full of tips and other useful info.

The three-rackspace steel chassis is as rugged as you might expect but weighs a manageable 40.3 pounds; rear rack ears are included. The amp vents front and back but is shallower than most, so you can house it in shallow or wallmount racks without blocking the rear exhaust fan. Crown offers a three-year warranty.

The CE 1000 provides 400 watts per channel in stereo 8-ohm mode and up to 1950 watts in bridge-mono at 4 ohms. The reported frequency response is 20 Hz-20 kHz. Connections on the back include a barrier strip and ¼-inch phone or XLR inputs, all balanced or unbalanced. Outputs are via Neutrik’s Speakon connectors, which don’t come with the amp, so make sure you buy them before you leave the store. The rear also houses the mode switch and input sensitivity switch, which lets you optimize performance to the output of your mixer.

Individual volume, power, breaker reset and indicator lights all reside up front. Among the CE 10000’s coolest features are controls that can be removed to prevent unauthorized tweaking.


The Crown makes moderate ambient noise under power but sounds clean through the speakers and doesn’t pop on power down. In our limited tests, the Crown delivered clear response and plenty of headroom with nice distinction between low-and-high frequency content, improving the bass response of our little JBLs.

The End Line

Simple, rugged and pretty too, the Crown seems equally at home on stage or in the studio.

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Peavey PV 2000 Amplifier

September 19, 2008 by · 11 Comments 

Peavey PV2000 AmplifierIf your standard answer to life’s big questions is “more power!” then the PV 2000 may be for you. The four-rackspace behemoth offers 1000 watts per side into 2 ohms (400 per 8 ohms) and up to 2000 watts in 4-ohm bridged-mono mode. Reported frequency response is as wide as 10 Hz-40 kHz.

The steel chassis seems rugged enough to withstand Armageddon; though on of the rear rack ears did get bent in shipping (global destruction has nothing on those UPS guys). The amp is cooled by a two-speed fan mounted at the back. The bulk of the PV 2000’s controls and all connections also appear astern.

Each channel has separate controls for volume, a sub-sonic filter for rolling off low end below 40 Hz, a DDT compression enable switch and a crossover switch, which splits out high frequencies, allowing a number of cool options: you could, for example, power a subwoofer with one channel and a standard monitor with the other. DDT is Peavey’s version of automatic speaker protection, applying compression automatically whenever the amp is clipping. Other controls include Read more